Why New Zealand is a Family Friendly Destination

by Susan Paige
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New Zealand is an excellent family destination. We all know that things change once you have children, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and traveling with kids can bring your whole family closer together.. New Zealand has opportunities that the whole family can enjoy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in great walks, amazing scenery or unique wildlife. Your family is sure to be entertained with all the things to do and see in New Zealand. The best part is that there are a lot of attractions within close distance to each other, so there is minimal driving necessary and that can help you save some money and time.

Maritime Museum

This is a destination in Auckland, New Zealand that houses the best exhibitions that span the entire history of New Zealand’s maritime life. It features exhibits of everything from the first Polynesian explorers and settlers up to New Zealand’s more recent maritime accomplishments. The museum was inaugurated in the year 1993 and it contains reconstructions of ships along with seaworthy ships that people actually rent out.

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications tower located in Auckland, New Zealand. The Sky Tower is 328 meters tall. This makes it the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere. It is also the 23rd tallest tower in the entire world. It is part of the SkyCity casino complex. The SkyCity casino complex is one of only 2 casinos in New Zealand and the only casino in Auckland. There are 5 upper levels of the tower that are accessible to the public. Some of the main attractions are the two restaurants located on the upper levels.

The Sky tower houses the only revolving restaurant in New Zealand. It is 620 feet from the ground and turns a full 360 degrees every single hour. The main observation level of the tower right below the revolving restaurant has clear glass flooring that allows you to see the ground right below you. This can be an exciting experience, but definitely not for those who are scared of heights. There is also a guide cable controlled jump above the restaurant that is called the “SkyJump”. The minimum age is 10 years old and the guide cables do make it pretty safe, but it may not be comfortable for every child.

Hot Water Beach

This beach is about 108 miles away from Auckland by car, so it will be a little drive, but definitely is worth a trip. Both the locals and tourists love this beach, so you know it’s great. The amount of annual visitors has been estimated to be about 700,000 people. The name “Hot Water Beach” comes from the underground hot springs that come up through the sand. It is possible to dig into the sand and create a hot water pool. The water can reach temperatures of 147 degrees Fahrenheit. People who visit this beach often bring a spade with them to dig up the sand and create their own hot springs. You can also rent spades from the surf shop as well. Just be careful when swimming because there is a chance of dangerous rip currents and large waves. Pay attention the beach advisories.

White Water Rafting

New Zealand’s mountainous terrain makes for some great white water river rafting. It is an amazing way to experience the rivers. New Zealand has become an adrenaline junkie paradise, but there are rapids of varying difficulties. You have the tame and easy level one rapids and you have the level 5 challenging rapids. If you are going on a family trip or have no experience whitewater rafting, then you are probably going to want to choose the tamer rapids to be on the safe side.

Tongariro National Park

This national park is actually one of the oldest national parks in the world. It was only the fourth to be established since its inception. You will see everything from sacred Maori religious sites to unique native New Zealand wildlife and animals introduced by Europeans as well.

Craters of the Moon

In the 1950’s an area north of Taupo began to heat up and generate craters of boiling mud. This was the result of the lowering of the underground water pressure of a nearby geothermal power station. Once this happened, the moon craters were born and became a public attraction. New vents are constantly emerging and there is only a small fee required to maintain the attraction.


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