6 Tips and Hacks for Beautiful Bridal Makeup

by Susan Paige
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As the time draws closer to your big day and everything is sorted, you need to start thinking about the smaller details. It’s no longer stressful getting your bouquets together or choosing the groomsmen outfits as everything else is done. Now it’s time to decide on your hair and makeup if you haven’t already! You may be the type of bride who thinks about these small things before anything else, you may not even have a venue yet, and you know you’re going to have your hair in a curled bun. That’s fine too. However, our designer Jessica, from JJ’s House, put this list of tips and hacks together to help you along your way. Whether you’re at the starting process of planning or you’re nearing the end, it doesn’t matter.

Deciding on your bridal makeup will be one of the hardest but beautiful things you ever do, and you need to ensure you never look back and regret the choice you opt for. These hacks aren’t for everyone and you may only like one or two, just take a look at Jessica’s suggestions and decide what you think will fit well with your wedding day!

Try Out a Natural Smokey Eyeshadow

There is nothing better than a smokey eye, especially on your wedding day. Depending on the look you want to go for with your wedding dresses, you can either opt for a lighter brown shade or perhaps a darker black. If you’re craving a natural look, then don’t ask your makeup artists for a dark color because it’s not going to look natural at all! Natural brides are always the most beautiful.

Rock a Bright and Bold Lipstick

If you have a natural eyeshadow, then you can show off your style and personality through a bright or bold lip color. Those of you marrying in fall time could go for a berry color or even take the plunge with a deep red. Just be aware that it might come off through the day, so you’re going to have to reapply.

Highlight for the Gods

Only recently coming into the limelight, highlighting has suddenly become the new trend throughout the makeup world. If you ensure you highlight on your wedding day, then you’re sure to look glowing! You’ll be able to see how beautiful you look in the photos that will perfectly capture your highlight.

Be a Model with Bushy Eyebrows

Another trend in the modeling world is bushy eyebrows, they’re not everyone’s preference, but they look great if you can pull them off. Opting for the natural look on your wedding day may mean you have bushy eyebrows, but that’s fine, it’s definitely trendy to do that now.

Channel Your Inner Princess with Glossy Lips

Alternatively, to bold lips you could go for a nude or pink shade that is glossy, that always looks stunning.

Add a Sparkle Glitter Eye

For anyone who likes a little sparkle in their life than adding glitter to your eyeshadow will allow your whole bridal outfit to come together. If you’re the type of bride who wants something simple but likes to add beautiful aspects, then this is definitely something you should do. Makeup artists are more than happy to do this for you, just ask!

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