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by Susan Paige
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Student loan management can be difficult at times. When the bills start top pile up and there is no end in sight, people start to look for alternative solutions. SL Account Management is a company that aims to assist those trying to pay off student loans by helping out with different government debt relief programs out there. Do they really help people out as much as they claim though?

What Is SL Account Management?

SL Account Management is strictly a private company. They don’t work with the government or the Department of Education. They work with borrowers, and helping borrowers only. That’s why people turn to them for help when other options just are not working. They help people with federal student loan document preparation as well as processing services so they can be entered into a debt relief program.

There are a number of repayment solutions for people out there dealing with debt, but SL Account Management strives to find the best one for each individual. There is no such thing as one solution for everyone.

Specializing In Help

Everyone looking for student loan assistance needs exactly that. Actual assistance. Where a lot of companies fall short is in this category. There is not a perfect solution that every single person can use. Each person has a different financial situation.

On the home page of, there is a phone number to reach a certified loan specialist at any time of the day. That number is useful for those looking for a place to start. Actual answers can be found, anxiety can be reduced and the first step to a solution is right there. It can take days to get answers from other services, but SL Account Management can be reached by phone, email, fax or even at their office in Irvine, California.

Services Provided

After talking with a specialist, the beginnings of a solution are starting to form. SL Account Management offers three main services: financial analysis, document preparation and yearly recertification. They do a great job with all three.

Financial analysis thoroughly breaks down a person’s current situation. They won’t sugarcoat things if it is currently bleak. Instead, they will put together a plan to get thing back on track.

Document preparation is pretty self explanatory, but this is where the company helps people fill out the necessary forms to start getting relief. It is a great service since so many people don’t know where to start with that.

Finally, yearly recertification is needed when working with a loan servicer. This is a pretty easy way to stay on top of everything and not forget.

Final Verdict

SL Account Management fulfills the promises they make to people when they first visit the website. They work directly with each customer and figure out a customized solution for the borrower. It is impossible to specifically say how long it takes to get loans completely paid off since each person is different, but the company is in the business to help as much as possible.

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Frank Hernandez March 29, 2019 - 2:54 pm

I worked for SL Account Management and all they do for you is enroll you into a Program and divert payments that should be going to your loans to their company for financial gain. They increase your Family Size by 6 or more to give you a lower monthly payment on your student loan which is typically $0.00 and charge you $40 a month for a service you can do on your own for free and the right way. When you reach the end of the program the Dept of Ed will review your account and deny you any loan forgiveness because of the fact that the documentation they send on your behalf reflect a household size of 5 or more when you only have yourself to take care of. They’re a legit scam that tries to pretend their there to help struggling students but in reality they’re just stealing from you. Call your lenders who appear on your credit report and ask what Family Size they have on file for you and you should be able to see what I am refferring to. They falsify your documents to get you to pay them and not your student loans which in the end is going to make your financial situation worse than it already is. Oh and there is no “Trust Account”. They literally just take your money without providing any service.


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