3 Steps To Choosing The Right Wedding Package For You

by Susan Paige
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An all-inclusive wedding package is a facility that provides all the wedding services that you need in one price bundle. It may include the venue, food, decorations, hotel accommodations, and DJ. Some packages have fixed services whereas others may be customized according to your needs.

Wedding packages tend to be less stressful for a couple than if they were to contract individual suppliers for each service. Packages can also be a great bargain and time saver. They are the best option for couples that don’t have the time or desire to agonize over every detail of their wedding planning.

On the other hand, booking a wedding package could be risky. This is because the wrong supplier could turn your wedding into a huge disappointment. Having a bad florist or a bad cake is not as bad as getting a bad package provider who fails to deliver on all your wedding services.

Try to avoid headaches on your wedding day by following the below three steps to choose the right wedding package for you.

1. Have A General Wedding Plan And Budget

Before you can start shopping for wedding packages you should have a general idea about how your wedding should be like. The big picture will help you zero in on suppliers that suit your needs.


The number of people that will attend your wedding will affect all aspects of your wedding planning. If you are planning a small wedding of fewer than 10 people, for instance, you’ll end up spending less due to smaller requirements for food, chairs, venue size, etc.

Bigger weddings will be the opposite since you’ll need a venue large enough to accommodate all your guests and a bigger food budget.


This is the main deciding factor of the wedding package that you choose. Knowing your wedding budget sets boundaries for the type of service provider you choose (upscale or basic). Your budget also controls how many guests you can invite.

While having a large budget will give you lots of package options be sure to shop around for the best deals and the best providers to get the best that your money can buy. Yet having a low budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have a glamorous wedding. Some package providers have creative ways to ensure that you have a lovely wedding without breaking the bank.


Some wedding packages include the wedding ceremony in their prices. However, some couples may prefer to get married at their church before moving to the package location for the reception. Research both options as one may be cheaper or more convenient than the other.


Decide whether you want to have a local wedding or a destination wedding. Destination weddings may be cheaper for you as a couple as you fewer people would be able to attend. On the other hand, you may miss having all your friends and family witness your special day.

Remember to involve your partner and significant family members in your discussions so that no one feels left out.

2. Search for the Best Wedding Packages

Once you know what your dream wedding looks like the next step is to start looking for a package provider. The internet is the best resource to find and compare different vendors and get the best prices and services.

Search for general package providers in your desired location. You can also contact venues such as hotels, restaurants, and other conference venues to find out whether they have wedding packages as part of their services.

Other places that you may find great package providers are wedding fairs, internet wedding boards, wedding websites and social media groups dedicated to weddings. Read the reviews that other couples have left on google, the package provider websites or anywhere else on the internet. If possible, contact other couples to get first-hand accounts of their wedding package experience.

Services Provided

Be clear on what is included in the packages you are researching. Discuss with the event provider how much it would cost for services that aren’t included in the package. Packages generally cover a certain number of guests so find out the consequences for going over or under the specified amounts.

Remember to put aside some of your budgets to cover any items not included in the package such as bridal party attire and honeymoon activities.

You should also know the high season and low seasons of your desired wedding location. Planning your wedding around the low season may save you some money. Keep in mind that the low season is cheaper for various reasons.

Establish whether you and your guests will be able to bear harsher weather conditions, unusual event dates or whatever the reason may be for the lower season.

3. Settle On the Best Fit

Once you have done your research and identified the best vendors for your wedding package the last step is to select your package provider. Rate all the providers across a range of criteria such as cost, services included and client reviews. The provider that scores the highest combined score could be the best one to go for.

You should also follow your instincts and choose the place that feels right and fits you as a couple. Sign a contract with the vendor that states all the services that will be provided and on which dates. There should be penalties for breach of contract.

While a contract can’t guarantee you a perfect wedding it does protect you from mishaps with providers.

Choosing The Right Wedding Package Is Crucial

The right wedding package can give you and your partner a stress-free wedding planning period and a lovely wedding and honeymoon. It’s important that you use the above three steps to choose the best package.

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