Wondering If Your Current Relationship Will Last? Lookout for These Signs

by Susan Paige
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While people enter into relationships for various reasons, most often, marriage is one of the reasons. If marriage is the reason why you’re with your current partner, it makes sense to know if, indeed, that relationship can read to marriage.

In fact, if at this moment you’re waiting until when you’re already married to know that you’re in the right relationship, you’re mistaken. There are many signs that you look to determine whether your relationship is going to last.

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Even so, here are some signs that your relationship will last and probably lead to marriage:

1. You Both Feel Loved and Secure When Around Each Other

We all want to feel loved when in a relationship. As such, this is the first thing you should be on the lookout in your current relationship. Even so, this is not enough if you don’t feel comfortable when around each other.

It is common for people in a new relationship to hide things that could make them unattractive to their partners. As such, they tend to engage in things that would make them more attractive in their partner’s eyes.

However, if your relationship is going to last, then you don’t have to be always trying to impress your partner. After all, you are supposed to be each other’s lifetime partners, and so you need to embrace each other’s weaknesses.

To that end, your relationship is headed in the right direction if you feel comfortable to share your concerns with your partner without fearing that they will leave you.

2. Your Partner is the Person You Want to Talk to When Something is Bothering You

We bet the first person you would want to share any good news with is your partner. What about if you have bad news? Would you still share that news with them before anyone else, especially when you’re at fault?

If you answered yes, then you’re with the right person. Among other things, that’s an indication that you trust that they will listen and find ways to help you solve that problem.

3. You Give Each Other Personal Space

Are you always tracking your partner’s movements? Or is your partner always tracking your whereabouts? Then your relationship is not going to last.

As a rule of thumb, people in a relationship should allow each other time to interact with friends and enjoy their hobbies. If you’re already doing that, then your relationship is headed in the right direction.

4. You are Committed to Each Other

If your relationship is going to work, then you have to be there for one another. This involves even the smallest things. For instance, when you say that you are going to text or call, ensure to do it. The same should apply when you commit to a bigger plan.

As such, when you say something, your partner will take you seriously because they know that you will commit and vice versa.

Marriage is a commitment, and only people in their right mind can make.

5. You Believe in One Another, No Matter the Situation

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes one may be tempted to give up. As such, you should never let your partner give up on themselves and vice versa.

Whether it is career, money, or family struggles, you should be able to support each other. Success takes time, and that’s why people in a relationship should be patient and encourage one another.

6. You Feature in Each Other’s Plans

You can also know what your partner feels about your relationship by listening to how they are talking when making plans. If your partner uses the word “I” when planning for their future, then you don’t need a psychic to let you know that you are in a wrong relationship.

Listening to how your partner is speaking is the easiest way to tell what your partner is thinking about you. If you don’t feature in your partner’s immediate plans, it is unlikely that you will feature in their bigger plans in the future. Even if they end up marrying you, it is pretty evident that you won’t be happy in that relationship.


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