DIY Your Wedding Invitations to Cut Wedding Costs

by Tamila McDonald
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DIY Your Wedding Invitations to Cut Wedding Costs

Wedding invitations cost an average of $400 to $650, which can be a substantial part of any couple’s budget. Luckily, it is possible to spend less while still having beautiful wedding invites to send out. By creating DIY wedding invitations, you can save hundreds. Plus, you can personalize them from top to bottom, allowing you to achieve your exact vision. If you want to use DIY wedding invitations to cut wedding costs, here are some options.

Going Completely Digital

While sending wedding invitations in the mail is still the traditional approach, that doesn’t mean you have to go that route. If you are in regular contact with everyone on your guest list, consider creating digital wedding invitations instead.

It’s completely paperless, and you won’t have to spring for postage. Plus, you can link the digital invite to your wedding website, allowing guests to RSVP with a click, take a look at your gift registry, find links to local accommodations, and more.

There are several online services that can help. Greenvelope will support custom uploads and has designer templates. Evite has a range of options and plenty of handy features, like event reminders. Riley & Grey has a variety of digital options, including invitations, wedding websites, and save-the-dates, and they can all coordinate with a single theme.

If you’re a bit of a graphic designer, you might not need any help at all. You can create your invitation, add it to emails, and send it yourself. That would mean your invites only cost you some time, so you won’t spend a penny out of pocket.

Print-Your-Own Invitations

For those who aren’t afraid of a little graphic design, print-your-own invitations may be a smart move. You’ll need card stock, a capable printer, and enough ink to get through the batch. Additionally, you might need basic card design software, though some card stock companies do offer free templates online. Aside from that, you may need address labels, stamps, and a paper cutter (if you need to cut the card stock down).

If your design is flat-printed, you could skip using your own printer and ink, opting to go with a traditional printing service instead. That can be much cheaper than using a formal invitation service, though it may cost a little more than the full DIY wedding invitations approach of self-printing.

Additionally, Snapfish and Shutterfly have online templates for wedding announcements and invitations, some of which are far cheaper than the traditional route. You would be able to add your own touches while having someone else handle the printing. Plus, you may be able to incorporate fancier touches, like foil, that can be hard to handle on your own.

Handcrafted DIY Wedding Invitations

If you aren’t inviting many people to your wedding, you could go fully handcrafted. With card stock and some calligraphy pens (and quite a bit of skill), you could choose to handwrite your wedding invitations. Crafty people may enjoy using blank cards and an approach similar to scrapbooking, allowing them to take advantage of pre-printed letters and add-ons.

Handcrafted DIY wedding invitations can be very personal, which may make them feel particularly special. However, they can be hard to do on a large scale, so only go this route if you have enough time to create them all without having to scramble or deal with too much stress.

Did you use DIY wedding invitations? Have any tips that can help couples create amazing wedding invites, save the date cards, and more? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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