How to Make Your Wedding Thank-yous as Unique as Your Wedding

by Susan Paige
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Your wedding was yours, from beginning to end — each element combined to make the day incredibly special and unique. You searched for the perfect dress; you created the atmosphere using carefully chosen florals and décor; you probably even had a hand in your wedding playlist. So why shouldn’t the thank-you cards you send follow the same trend?

If you are looking for ways to make your thank-yous feel just as special as your Big Day, read on for some must-use wedding thank-you card tips.

Write Poems for Each Thank-you

By now, you should be familiar with the pattern for writing a suitable thank-you card:

  • Step One: Greeting
  • Step Two: Appreciation for gift
  • Step Three: Memory of event
  • Step Four: Anticipation of next meeting
  • Step Five: Final thank-you and regards

But, this formula gets stale fast, and most recipients, upon seeing that the mail is a thank-you card, won’t take much of the message to heart — unless you put effort into making your message interesting and fun. A good way to do this is to make each thank-you message into a poem. The poem doesn’t have to be on-par with anything by Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost; you might throw together some crude rhymes or make an acrostic that spells out “t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u.” The goal should be to make your recipients grin with glee the way their gift and presence made you smile at your wedding.

Offer a Small Wedding Pic

It’s likely that many of your wedding guests snapped their own pics of your special day, but none of them are as high-quality and beautiful as the images captured by your wedding photographer. A nice gesture would be including a small picture in your card, which recipients might display in their homes or show off to their own family and friends. You can make this process easy by printing off a few dozen of the same picture of you and your new spouse, of you can personalize the image for each recipient, perhaps giving them a picture of themselves looking smart at your event.

Send a Pic of You With the Gift

A picture is worth a thousand words — so no matter how much you say that you love and appreciate their gift, you can show it more effectively with a picture. You can use pictures of your reactions to gifts as you are unwrapping or unboxing them, or you can send pictures of you using the gift. This can be an especially touching gesture if your guests contributed to your honeymoon, the purchase of a home or some other major expense that brings you lasting comfort and glee.

Commission an Illustration or Logo

If you made your wedding photographs available online for anyone to view, you might want to do something extra-special for your thank-yous. Fortunately, there are millions of artists online willing and eager to take on commissions for custom illustrations or graphic art. You might have them artistically interpret an image of your wedding to turn into your thank-you cards, or you might make a logo into a stamp to apply to your envelopes. In any case, this level of personalization is rare and thrilling for recipients.

Post the Thank-you From Afar

Receiving mail from a foreign country — or even a far-flung corner of the U.S. — is undeniably exciting. If you have space in your suitcase, you might pack up your thank-you list and take your cards with you on your honeymoon, to send to guests while you are relaxing in the paradise of your choosing. You should try to buy stamps and other mailing necessities from your honeymoon destination, to drive home that you mailed their thank-you from afar. This knocks out two birds with one stone: You don’t have to slog through thank-yous during your regular life, and your recipients will be thrilled by foreign postage.

While you can pick and choose other traditions to adhere to on your Big Day, you can’t skip thank-you cards. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your thank-yous your own. With a little imagination and some cooperation from a friendly stationary store, you can make your thank-yous the perfect end to a perfect wedding.


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