Great Finance Blogs for Newlyweds on a Budget

by Tamila McDonald
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financial blogs for newlyweds

Finding great advice that can help you start off your marriage on the right foot can be surprisingly challenging. There’s so much information available that it’s difficult to determine which websites are genuinely some of the best. At Newlyweds on a Budget, we want to make sure that you have plenty of places to turn to learn more about personal finance, budgeting, and saving. You could even find and answer why it became so popular to buy bitcoin? With that in mind. Here are some great blogs for any newlyweds living on a budget.

Dinks Finance

If you’re looking for couple-centric tips instead of information that targets families with children. Dinks Finance is worth checking out. DINK stands for “dual income, no kids.” While the blog doesn’t specifically focus on newlyweds. Many young couples are technically DINKS, that makes this a great option. Along with sharing insights about their own personal finance journey. The writers behind the site also doles out great advice.

Debt Free Guys

Debt Free Guys is all about helping couples live their best financial lives. They talk about key topics that are relevant in any relationship. Which include debt elimination, income generation, and how to live a great life without going broke. While the blog is especially popular with the LBGTQ+ community, it’s full of great advice that can help anyone improve their financial circumstances.

Rich & Regular

At Rich & Regular, the couple’s goal is to help others navigate those tricky financial conversations that every couple should be having. It’s also very contemplative, featuring topics designed to get you thinking about money in an entirely new way while also being chocked full of tips, particularly when it comes to food and groceries. Plus, the style of the blog is very relaxed and relatable, making it a fun read.

The Fioneers

Another great blog that’s all about practical advice, The Fioneers discuss their journey toward financial independence while sharing the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Plus, Jessica has officially launched into the world of entrepreneurship and is poised to showcase her experience in that world as she continues to adjust to her new reality.

Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents charts on woman’s journey as she worked to get a grip on her finances. Now married, many of the topics she discusses are incredibly relevant to couples. There are tips for making money online, saving on shopping, and much, much more.

Wealth Well Done

If you’re looking for a unique take on personal finance, Wealth Well Done is worth a look. Written by a couple today, it initially started by focusing on Billy’s journey as he worked to overcome addiction and the implications of a hard-partying lifestyle. Now, it focuses more on the couple’s financial journey. While new posts haven’t been added for some time, you can explore past posts to access the tips and insights they shared.


If financial independence and homesteading are both interests of yours, take a trip to the Frugalwoods blog. It’s all about simple living and frugal choices, ensuring that financial independence can be a real possibility for them and their readers. Plus, the couple shares stories from others who embody the homesteading and frugal living lifestyles, giving you more people to learn from and a slew of interesting stories to enjoy.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly isn’t focused on couples, but the advice JD shares can still be considered must-reads. Along with outlining his struggle to get out of debt, JD offers up a ton of helpful advice, at times on some unexpected subjects. While JD did sell the site at one point, he bought it back in 2017. He pared down the archives and is realigning the site with a new vision, one that will likely be quite valuable to readers.

Do you know of any other great blogs that Newlyweds on a Budget readers would enjoy? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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