Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tradeline Company

by Susan Paige
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Purchasing tradelines is one of the most effective ways to improve your creditworthiness. However, before you buy your first set of tradelines, it is important to understand how the trade works, so you know what to do and what mistakes to avoid. Greenhorns often play into deceptive companies’ hands and end up spending their time and money on an investment that doesn’t pay. If you are only getting started in tradeline buying, finding a credible company should be at the top of your priorities. That way, you won’t deal with the prospect of deception or need to perform extensive assessments before purchasing tradelines. Use these tips to find a seller you can trust:

  1. Check online reviews

Reviews give you a view of the company you want to work with from the perspective of someone who has used its services. Visit review sites, check the companies’ ratings, and see what past and current customers say about them. Pick the company with the most positive reviews and the highest star rating, and visit a dedicated tradeline supply company review site for an in-depth evaluation of your chosen supplier.

  1. Consider customer support

Customer support is essential when acquiring a service or product that you don’t know much about. As a tradeline novice, you will likely want to receive some guidance on tradelines and what buying specific types mean. For this reason, the company you choose needs to have a customer support department that can be accessed anytime and with ease. The personnel should also be well acquainted with the whole concept of buying tradelines. You can ensure this by dialing the company’s support number or sending them an email and seeing how fast and well they respond to your questions. If they are quick and determined to provide satisfactory answers, there is a good chance they are credible.

  1. Check company experience

Experience is priceless when it comes to tradelines. An experienced tradeline company promises quality services as they have a reputation to lose. There is nothing wrong with buying from a newer company, but a lack of a long enough track record may prove a massive gamble on your part. What’s more, experts say established companies are perfect for both clients who don’t have credit and those who have ruined theirs. This means you can choose a single tradeline supplier and stick with them as you improve your credit score.

  1. Check the amount of time you can stay on the tradeline

Various companies offer authorized users different lengths of time on their tradelines. One company will let you on their tradeline for a single billing cycle; another will give you two. Others will give you three or more. Always go for a company that allows you at least two months on their tradeline, as shorter cycles can attract penalties from banks.


Buying tradelines may or may not work. Thankfully, the fate of your investment is mostly in your hands. With these guidelines, you shouldn’t struggle to find a tradeline supply company that you can entrust with bolstering your creditworthiness.

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