How To Care For Your Wedding Band

by Susan Paige
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Wedding bands hold a special place in everyone’s heart. It is a prized possession for most since it is a token of undying commitment and eternal love shared between two people. Just like you want your marriage to last forever, you want the symbol of your love also to last forever and stay sparkly forever. This is precisely why it is crucial to take care of your wedding band. Like everything else, even your precious wedding band needs a little TLC too. 

Here’s everything you can do to care for your wedding bands and keep them in good condition and beautiful forever.

  1. Clean it periodically

Do you wear your wedding band daily? Then you are exposing your band to a lot of dust, dirt, and skin oil. Over time, a build-up of dirt and oil will cloud over and block the light interactions in the stone, causing your band to look dull. To do complete justice to your wedding band, especially if it is encrusted with stones, we advise you to clean it using warm water and a soft brush. 

  1. Know when to keep it on and when to remove it

Do you have a habit of keeping your wedding band aside when you wash your hands or do the dishes? This only increases the potential chances of misplacing or losing your band. Or perhaps you tend to keep it on all times of the day and wear your band when you engage in outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, tennis, etc. Even this exposes your wedding band to scratching and can also cause the stones’ setting to become loose or even chip. Our verdict: It is better to be smarter about how and when to wear your band. Invest in ring dishes and keep them around the house if you tend to remove your band. Also, avoid wearing your wedding band when you engage in rigorous activities.

  1. Protect it from harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals, bleach, and other cleaning agents can erode metal settings, dull the band’s finish, and can even harm gemstones. Hence, we advise you to be cautious and keep your wedding band away from harsh chemicals, cleaning solutions, perfumes, lotions, hair products, etc.

  1. Regularly check the settings

Keep a close eye on your band, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and have a gemstone encrusted wedding band. If your stones feel loose and your prongs feel worn out, it is best to visit a jeweler to get them tightened. Additionally, if you have a metal band that looks worn out and scratchy, you can also get it polished.  

  1. It’s all about the storage

Yes, storage does matter more than you think. Whether you choose to wear your wedding bands or not, we recommend placing them in a separate box, container, or even a soft pouch. Keeping your wedding band with other jewelry and stacking them together with other rings can cause unnecessary scratching. So, it’s best to avoid this. 

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