How To Prepare Your Floral Arrangements On A Budget / How To Spend Smart On Your Wedding 

by Susan Paige
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Planning for a wedding is expensive and time consuming. There is so much to deal with from the wedding dresses, rings, food, decorations, venues, furniture, and so on. If you are planning for a big wedding, it can potentially drain your pockets. However, you can adopt a few tricks to save big and still have the wedding of your dreams. In this article, you will learn how you can have great wedding flowers on a budget:

1.Find a Least Expensive Florist

Before you settle for a florist for your wedding supplies, shop around and come up with friendly prices. Some of the florists have pre-packaged and DIY wedding flowers at friendly prices. All you need to do is pick up the flowers and arrange them yourself. You will save money on buying flowers and hiring the florist to arrange them. There are different themes to choose from, and you can easily pick up the quantity you want. Also, let the florist know your budget to help you pick the right flowers.

2.Consider Using Seasonal Flowers

Local and seasonal flowers can help you save big on your day. Find out the type of flowers on the season at your wedding and try working with that. You can mix these seasonal flowers with all year flowers such as roses, carnations, blossoms, or lilies. When planning the wedding, stay away from major holidays such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, or any other holiday that creates a huge demand for flowers. 

3.Buy the Flowers in Wholesale

If you want to save money when planning your wedding, you should consider buying the flowers in wholesale. Generally, you should set aside at least 15% of your wedding budget on flowers. However, if you buy the flowers wholesale, this budget could be lower. You can purchase the flowers directly from the wholesaler and arrange them yourself or hire a florist.

4.Pick Large Blooms

Large bloom flowers are pricier compared to flowers such as carnations and roses. However, it will save you money as the large blooms take up more space, making the bouquet bigger with just a few pieces. You can consider using the big blooms flowers for the centerpieces.

  1. Use Only Two Kinds of Flowers

Using a fewer variety of flowers will save you some money. Stick to flowers with the same color scheme and shape for a unified look. For instance, roses, orchids, peonies, calla lilies, tulips, and hydrangeas have a similar look. The lesser florals and foliage you use, the cheaper the labor.

6.More Greens

The lush green leaves can give you a beautiful yet inexpensive look for your wedding. Green lush you can consider for your wedding garlands, and bouquets are eucalyptus, parvafolia, ferns, or the leather leaf greenery. However, you should consider the price as some green leaves’ prices may be higher, just like the flowers. 

  1. Use Expensive Flowers but Sparingly

Using expensive flowers is a hack that will enable you to save in the long run. You can mix a little of the expensive flowers with the affordable ones. For instances, peonies are expensive and you can mix them up with roses or carnations which are locally available and less expensive. If you want a more elegant look, the peonies will give you more shine thus elevating the status of other flowers.

  1. Move Flowers from the Ceremony to the Reception

To avoid spending too much money on the floral arrangement at your wedding, you can transfer the flowers from the done sessions of the ceremony to the reception. You will only spend a few minutes at the alter and most of it at the reception. You can repurpose the flowers from the alter or aisle to the reception, lounge, or any other place where the ceremony will take place. 

You can also repurpose the bridesmaid bouquets. After the ceremony, the bridesmaids will not need their flowers anymore. You can place these flowers at the vases at the cake table, cocktail table, or the bar.

  1. Have a Garden Wedding

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the floral arrangements, you can have a wedding at the garden. Gardens have beautiful views already. So, you will not have to spend much on the flowers.

Other than having your wedding at the garden, you can use flowers from your own garden for floral arrangements. It helps in reducing the costs of buying flowers. 

10.Take Advantage of the Christmas and Easter

If you want to have a great wedding but at a lower cost, you should consider having your wedding during the Christmas or Easter seasons. During these seasons, if you are having a church wedding, the churches are already decorated with these seasonal decorations, so you will not need to spend money on the alter or aisle flower arrangements. 

11.Share Costs

If there is another wedding taking place in the same venue as yours, you can make arrangements with the other couple and share the costs. It is only possible if you are sharing the same venue for the ceremony such as the church. You can make sacrifices to meet on the middle on the preference of the flowers.

  1. Use Faux Flowers

There are high-quality and affordable faux flowers that can help you in cutting down the budget on flowers. To cut the costs even more, you can buy used faux flowers that are still in good quality for your wedding flower arrangement. Alternatively, if you buy faux flowers, you can resell after the wedding if they are still intact. 


If you want to save money on your wedding flowers, there are so many options as discussed above. Be open-minded to allow you to cut down the costs while still having your dream wedding. Talk to a florist to enable you to choose monochromatic colors to enable you to save. In addition, you can choose to ignore the flowers and use other types of decors, such as lanterns, twigs, dried flowers among others. 

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