3 Free Ways to Make Newlywed Travel More Exciting

by Susan Paige
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One of the most enriching things for a newlywed couple to do is to travel together. It can be a moment to finally spend an extended time together without interruptions just enjoying life. Whether it is for a budget-friendly honeymoon or smaller trips thereafter, it is always a good idea to have some ideas on how to make these trips stand out while globetrotting with your betrothed. 


1. Play Photo Games Using Your Phones

It can be so easy to overlook the pòwer that we have at our fingertips everyday. Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket on their smartphone that takes pictures of a higher quality and using a smaller device than imagined possible twenty years ago, and smartphone cameras keep getting better

While taking pictures of the big monuments and sites worthy of postcards can be important additions to a scrapbook, it can be even more special to capture the smaller things that can really give a place its identity. 

One way to encourage this type of picture taking is by making it into a game. It can be a cooperative game where you both work towards the goal. Or, it can be a competition, if that is your style. It is totally up to you! 

For example, you can find shapes in your surroundings that look like letters that spell each others’ names. After you are done, you can print the pictures out, frame them, and hang them in your freshly-minted love nest! 

We are very prone to take for granted this piece of technology that would marvel any of us a few years ago. Rekindling this appreciation and awe of the everyday is itself a great habit to create among new couples as you start your lives together. 


2. Make Time for Things Only Your Partner Enjoys

Being on the high of a recent wedding and traveling around to exotic destinations while in love can be intoxicating. We naturally want to spend every waking moment together doing things that we both love doing. After all, that is why we get married, right? 

It can be just as important to make time for things only your partner enjoys. Whether you accompany them or not, if you give them a gift that shows you trust them and you value them as an individual, they will appreciate it greatly. 

And these gifts do not have to cost any money at all. If your partner is more into gambling than you are, you can use this site to get them a no deposit bonus at online casinos in South Africa. Here you can find a list of sites and how to use these free casino bonuses that often come in the form of free spins. If you are travelling, you will be able to find these for wherever you happen to be. The extra thought and planning will be recognized by your partner.  

Making time for things your partner enjoys also means allowing yourself to make time for things only you enjoy. Providing this luxury to yourselves is vital to making a trip all that it can be. Spending a bit of time on your own on your trips does not mean that you love each other less. In fact, it means you are secure in your love for yourself and for each other.



3. Be Intentional With Romantic Strolls

Going on extended walks in new environments is both a stimulating and relaxing experience. It is the perfect combination of casual and exciting for a happy couple exploring the world. 

This is true whether you are in nature or in urban centers. A walk along the sea, or through a wooded area can bring novel experiences as well. You and your partner will have a great time noticing the new flowers and birds. Just like the city can be surprisingly relaxing when you are walking slowly and taking time to notice the details of the buildings or how people dress. 

Timing can be everything. So if you are going to be promenading along the coast, know if the sun sets or rises over the water, and make time to witness the scene at its most beautiful moments. 

However, if it does not work out, no worries. Remember, you are traveling to have fun and relax. It can be good to have these goals in mind, but also be open to improvisation. You never know what is waiting around the corner when a surprise plan turns up. It is your job to make the most of whatever it may be! 

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