Guide to Getting The Perfect Spring Attire For The Groom

by Tamila McDonald
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spring attire for the groom

While many couples focus on the wedding dress when planning attire, ensuring the groom’s look is on point is also essential. Often, there are far more options available than couples expect, making it surprisingly challenging to settle on an outfit for the husband-to-be. Fortunately, by using the right approach, it’s possible to find the ideal option. Here’s a quick guide to getting the perfect spring attire for the groom.

Know Your Dress Code

First and foremost, you need to decide on a dress code before you start looking for attire for the groom. The level of formality may determine which options are the best fit. For example, if you’re going white or black tie, a tux is a must in any season. However, if you’re choosing anything else, you may end up with more options.

Essentially, the dress code will serve as the foundation. That way, you can determine how much flexibility there is in the look.

Think About Materials

Wedding attire for grooms comes in a wide variety of materials, some of which are better suited for certain weather than others. Depending on where you live, certain fabrics may or may not be reasonable choices.

For instance, if it’s still chilly, a wool suit may be a wise decision. However, if you live in an area where springs are accompanied by warm weather, then choosing a heavy material like wool might leave the groom a bit uncomfortable during the ceremony and reception. In that case, you may want to explore alternatives like cotton or linen, ensuring the material is breathable and a bit lighter.

Keep Color in Mind

During the spring, lighter or brighter colors are usually part of the equation. While both black suits can still have a place in a spring wedding, alternatives like blue, gray, beige, or white can also work well. Those other options can feel a bit lighter visually, which may complement the vibe many couples go for when they’re having a spring wedding.

Similarly, while a white shirt is a classic, a splash of color may be appropriate, particularly if it matches the broader color scheme of the wedding. Pastels can add a hint of color, brightening up suits of nearly any shade. However, something a bit brighter isn’t necessarily out of the question.

You could also find a happy medium by adding a vibrant pocket square or having a bit of fun with the vest. That may allow the rest of the look to remain a bit more subdued while still adding some lightness to the equation.

The same can go for the tie and boutonniere. By going with a lighter or brighter color, it keeps the outfit from feeling too heavy for the season.

Just remember to coordinate the shoes and belt to the broader outfit. In most cases, you’ll want to go with either black for both or a matching brown for both. Which shade works will depend on the rest of the attire. Generally, black shoes and belts work with non-earth tones. For brown, it works with earth tones along with some shades of blue and gray, but not black.

Do What Makes You Happy

While there are certain style trends in the spring, couples should ultimately choose attire that makes them happy. For example, if you’re going with a color palette that isn’t usually associated with spring, that’s okay. What matters most is choosing an option that brings smiles to your faces and creates a cohesive overall look.

Do you have any other tips that can help couples find the perfect spring attire for the groom? Did you have a spring wedding and want to share details about what the groom wore? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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