Here’s how you can lose weight before embarking on a new journey as a newlywed

by Susan Paige
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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. On one hand, you try to make all arrangements successful by ordering the best wedding cake, flowers, and decorations but on the other hand, you also need to get off those extra fats to perfectly fit into your wedding dress. Everybody wants to look in perfect shape on the wedding day. If you are slightly overweight, here’s how you can lose extra pounds by following some simple tips:

  • Exercise


Exercise is the first step in your journey of weight loss. You must first determine your stamina level. There are plenty of websites that have videos of proper workouts for beginners. If you are a beginner, you must first warm-up yourself by performing simple exercises. After a week or two, you can upgrade your workout level to a much heavier workout. You can do pilates, cardio, aerobics, Zumba, or yoga. 

  • Do not stress your body


You should not take weight loss to an extreme level. Some women try shortcuts like consuming weight loss pills or fad diets. These shortcuts may prove to be harmful to your general well-being. Try not to stress yourself out in such situations. You should just keep looking forward to your big day without getting frustrated. 

  • Eat healthily


Try to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits to add extra energy to yourself. A large bowl of fresh salad is a must for a new bride. You can add beans, corn, lettuce, avocado, or tomatoes to your salad to make it pleasing for the eyes as well. Consuming fresh fruits and medicines will give you an instant energy boost. 

  • Drink fluids


Staying hydrated can also help in shedding those extra pounds from your body. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This is the minimum requirement of your body. You must also make a habit of drinking fresh juices in the morning for your breakfast. Try to cut back on caffeine as it makes your body dry from the inside and you may get those ugly acne breakouts just before your wedding. 

  • Take supplements


You must also take Vitamin C and calcium supplements as well to increase the stamina of your body. After a workout session, your body may feel aches due to muscle strain. PricePro Pharmacy is selling calcium supplements at discounted prices and you can know about the prescription cost without insurance by logging onto their website. 

  • Avoid sugary items


If you want to look perfect on your wedding day then you should put your sweet tooth on hold. You must avoid sugary items like carbonated drinks or pastries and cakes. They contain a high amount of sugar which is bad for your health. If you have diabetes then processed sugar is poison for you. 

  • Avoid oily and junk food


Junk food contains an excess amount of oil in them so you must avoid fried chips, pizzas, and burgers before your wedding day. 


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