What to Keep in Mind As You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

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The kitchen has become one of the most renovated areas in the home, with studies putting remodeling preferences for this space at an estimated 81%. But even with the increased uptake of makeovers, homeowners need to figure out what to expect during this process, making it easy to plan, budget, and maximize aesthetic preferences. So what are some things to keep in mind for your next renovation?

Determine Your Budgeting Needs

Whether you plan on swapping out a few fixtures in your kitchen or prefer a complete remodel of your kitchen space, your budget will be a crucial part of your renovation. To start with, identify the type of fixtures you need, the appliances best suited to your family’s needs, and the types of renovation that fit best into your financing. Labor will also be an essential cost for your budget, so make it a point to factor this into your makeover. If you are low on funds, a priority list will be your go-to to help you determine your list of must-haves and negotiable.

Understand Your Needs and Style

Like your home layout, kitchen renovations will require you to understand the type of design that suits your taste. Carry out some research beforehand to factor in the styles of fixtures you prefer, the layout, building materials, and designs. According to data estimates, 40% of homeowners prefer quartz (engineered) countertops, making this an ideal material option for future and current kitchen remodels. Some layouts to get you started include the L-shaped, island, open, straight, and U-shaped plans. Remember that these will often be influenced by the design style you prefer for other parts of your house, whether it is contemporary, eclectic, bohemian, or industrial styles, to name a few.

Hire the Right Expert

Getting an expert may seem unnecessary during your renovation, but it will often set the foundation for a successful kitchen remodel. Contractors have insider knowledge of current trends and market prices of various products and will usually be well connected to multiple state licensing experts. Due to this, a professional can help you save high costs on your budgeting while helping you fast-track your renovation.

Research local experts who can help with your refurbishment and pay attention to customer ratings. Narrow down your search to at least three potential candidates and invite them to your home to evaluate the type of work that will be done. After this, request quotes to help you get an estimated overview of what the remodel may cost. Based on these factors, consider if your contractor adheres to your style preferences and specifications, after which you can identify the most suitable candidate.

Choose Appliances Carefully

Appliances are another crucial consideration for kitchen remodels, with the right choice helping you enhance the functionality of your new space. Keep in mind that any wrong choice could be detrimental to your home, with electrical fires estimated to originate from the kitchen 11% of the time. Due to this, consider needs such as electrical requirements, the size of your appliances, plumbing essentials, and budgeting.

Some essential appliances to get you started include a cooking space for burners, a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and a microwave. Other luxurious add-ons include a warming drawer, a wine chiller, and an ice maker. To get the most out of your appliances, ensure that they have suitable finishes and materials for durability.

Kitchen remodels are among the most sought-after renovations, which is why getting it right will help your new space stand out. While settling for low-cost labor will help with your budgeting, consider putting in the time to research and hire an experienced contractor and identify the most appropriate appliances for your space. In addition to this, make it a point to work within your budget, with a well-defined plan for your preferences, helping you achieve a successful kitchen remodel.

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