5 Tips for Keeping Wedding Guests Safe During Your Celebration

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Everyone wants their wedding event to be memorable, fun, and safe for all their guests in order to make it truly stand out. That said, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your guests are safe during your celebration. The following are five tips that you can use to improve the safety of your guests while still ensuring they have a blast.

1. Offer Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Snacks

If you are going to serve alcohol at your wedding, you could try to minimize its consumption by offering non-alcoholic beverages as well as snacks. These include tea and water, which can help keep your guests properly hydrated. You should also serve high-protein food and snacks, as these can help slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the body. Finally, you can minimize the amount of hard liquor by only serving beer and wine to your guests. Note that you are unable to drive legally if you have a breath alcohol concentration of over .08. This is unless you get an interlock restricted license, so make sure you save your guests from the risks of drunk driving when your wedding ends.

2. Limit the Hours of the Bar

If you intend to have an open bar, you should limit the hours it’s open. Closing it reasonably early could help you to minimize the amount of alcohol that your guests consume, especially towards the end of the event. During this period, offer water and some fruit to help your guests get back to a moderate degree of soberness. This may help limit the number of guests who drink more than they should, especially if they intend to drive themselves back home.

3. Provide Transportation for Your Guests

While this tip may cost you extra money, it’s worth it because it will help you make sure that all your guests get back home safely. If you offer transportation to the venue, there may be a lower chance of people choosing to drive their own cars. After the event, you can either provide them with the contact details of a good taxi service to get them back home. You could also opt to offer transportation from the event or both to and from if your budget permits it. Keep in mind that phone-ins account for about 90% of limousine reservations made. You can choose a more affordable form of transportation to make sure that you don’t spend more than you need to for the event.

4. Consider Holding the Event Outdoors

As far as health goes, you should think about holding your wedding outdoors, either the service, the reception, or both. Doing this will leverage the freely-flowing fresh air that your guests enjoy. In open spaces, there’s a lower likelihood for people to catch an infectious disease. Depending on the weather, you can hire a tent to offer some cover for your guests. Look into the options that are available early enough so that you can match your venue’s decorations throughout, and so that you know the qualities to look for in a venue in the first place.

5. Ensure You Have Adequate Germ Protection

Finally, germs are everywhere, and while it’s impossible to avoid them altogether, you can still take measures to lower the risk of having them spread infection. With this in mind, you should think of offering your guests packed wipes with which to wipe their hands and surfaces as they choose. You could also avail masks for those who may want to wear them to decrease their chances of catching an infection even further. Finally, make sure that there are hand sanitizers at the venue. You could look for these online, noting that 28% of searches that include ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’ end up in a purchase. Finding a local wholesaler to provide hand sanitizer for your wedding is a great personal touch.

With these five tips, you can ensure that your guests are safe from the moment they get to your wedding venue up until they are safely back at their homes! Enjoy your day with peace of mind.

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