Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 22 2012

Making money while riding my bike to work

Well, congrats to John who was the first one to guess correctly that I crashed into a carport post. I swear it just showed up out of nowhere…causing $4,000 worth of damage in the meantime. Thank goodness for car insurance… As upsetting as it is to still have to pay for the deductible (hello, emergency …

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Oct 15 2012

It was one of those weeks…


Last week was one of those weeks where everything just goes wrong. I burned my finger making soup, I locked myself out of my house, and this happened… I’ve got $5 in my Paypal account for the first person who guesses correctly how this happened. No correct guess, no cash. 

Oct 11 2012

DIY Juice Cleanse: How I lost 4 pounds in 4 days

Juice cleanse, juice fast, whatever you want to call it–For (almost) four days all I ate was juice. The benefits of such an endeavor are that it’s supposed to cut back on your cravings, rid you of your toxins and improve overall health. Let’s cut the B.S. okay? I wanted to lose weight fast. Over …

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Oct 07 2012

Travel Rewards Card?

We are in the market for a new Travel Rewards Card. We’ve currently been using the JetBlue American Express Card but I’ve become frustrated with its limitations and plan to cancel it before the annual fee is charged. I’ve heard good things about the Citi Thank You Card, and the StarWood Preferred Guest Amex Card …

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Oct 03 2012

How Hiring A Cleaning Lady Helped Our Marriage

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but let me tell you, I’ve been more infatuated with my husband these past several weeks of hiring our cleaning lady than in this past year. A cleaning lady just makes everything better*.  * I want to preface this post by saying that I realize that housekeepers may not be …

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