Oct 15 2012

It was one of those weeks…

Last week was one of those weeks where everything just goes wrong. I burned my finger making soup, I locked myself out of my house, and this happened…

I’ve got $5 in my Paypal account for the first person who guesses correctly how this happened. No correct guess, no cash. 


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  1. Dawn Avant

    Someone hit your parked car when they were pulling into or out of the parking space next to you.

  2. Elizabeth @ Broke Professionals

    Trash can? I don’t know… I was going to say gas station posts, but Rebecca said that already!

  3. Savvy Scot

    Bollard in a parking lot?

  4. Arlea

    One of those concrete posts in a parking garage? Did that to my husband’s truck about 1 1/2 months after we were married. It was too late for him to get a refund or exchange on me by then. :)

  5. kim

    Ugh, that stinks! Kid on a bicycle?

  6. Jackie

    You hit Eric’s car backing out of the driveway?

  7. Teacher Girl

    So sorry hun! *hugs*

  8. Ginna

    A pumpkin hit it, like the dare in Modern Family?

  9. terry

    Your car was hit by one of those jazzy electric wheelchairs. Or maybe one of those electric carts people can ride around the store in.

  10. Amandalynn

    pole! gas station or carport for sure!

  11. Cash Flow Mantra

    It definitely looks like you pulled into something. I like the guesses for carport or light pole base. My daughter did something similar pulling into the garage. Looked just the same with the streaks, but there wasn’t as big a dent. I like gas station post, but I think your tank is on the other side. I will go with post at the bank drive thru.

  12. judy

    Idiot making a u turn hit you?

  13. Jennifer

    How about some jerk hit your car and didn’t leave a note?

  14. jolie

    If you were from my neck of the woods I’d say you grazed a deer on the highway.

  15. Madison

    Did a shopping cart corral get ya?

  16. Cat@BudgetBlonde.com

    A grocery cart slammed into you? Maybe that wouldn’t make that big of a dent though. :(

  17. LBC Teacher

    You scraped it up against the side of the house backing out of the driveway.

  18. Erin @ His & Hers

    You burned your finger because you dropped your keys in the soup and were trying to fish them out, and when you felt the burn you threw your soup out the window and it dented your car.

    Am I close?

    Sorry you had a bummer of a week. :(

  19. john

    Looks like a carport post got you………..

  20. jobo

    Well you told me how you did this so I won’t guess ;-) Hey, sometimes those weeks happen, ya know?! XO!

  21. Jessica @ Budget for Health

    It looks like you hit a camel…but I’m going to guess a garbage can blew into it

  22. Jamie

    Eric backed into your car while pulling out of the driveway…?

    Either way, I hope things are looking up!

  23. Tanner

    Since someone already guessed hit and runs, and that parkinglot seems to be a store or other commercial center where there will be shopping carts, I’ll guess it was a runaway shopping cart that hit you. I’ve seen loose shopping carts move at dangerous speed when it is very windy outside. And yes. That’s one of those weeks that suck. But as they say, once you’ve been at the bottom, the only way to go is up. Hope your week is making up for that mess.

  24. Money Beagle

    I’ll guess light pole in a parking lot

  25. Nichole B-P

    You turned a corner too quickly in a parking lot and hit the car on the end of a row.

  26. Mo' Money Mo' Houses

    Oh no! Did someone hit and run?

  27. Michelle

    UGH! That really stinks.

  28. Rebecca

    Those posts at the gas station? You know, when you turn to close and then realize you’re turning right into one?

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