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Jan 08 2014

My Relationship with Food and Our Journey toward Clean Eating

One of our personal goals last year was to eat better–so our journey to clean eating began. To us, clean eating is all about eating whole foods, eating organic as much as possible, and cutting out a bunch of processed junk. That doesn’t mean we eat “low fat.” In fact, we eat bacon pretty regularly …

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Oct 22 2012

Making money while riding my bike to work

Well, congrats to John who was the first one to guess correctly that I crashed into a carport post. I swear it just showed up out of nowhere…causing $4,000 worth of damage in the meantime. Thank goodness for car insurance… As upsetting as it is to still have to pay for the deductible (hello, emergency …

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Sep 09 2010

Organic produce straight to your door!


I am so excited–today was the day we received our first local farmers/all organic produce box! For about $32 every other week, we get a box of locally grown, all-organic fresh fruits and vegetables ranging from about 15-18 pounds. That’s only $60 a month–or about 20% of our food budget. Most of our food budget …

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Sep 07 2010

Living Green Made Easy

Growing up, I was a hardcore carnivore. I didn’t know what a balanced diet really was until I went to a private high school and saw all my friends eating salads and vegetables. For the record, I hated salads. I wasn’t a rabbit and had no intention of eating a bowl of lettuce. No thanks, …

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