Things that annoy me about me

by Erika Torres

I know I have annoying habits.

Eric says I always trash talk about him on the blog, and make myself sound perfect, but then never let anyone know my deep dark annoying secrets about myself. I told him to get his own blog so he could bitch about me.

But I’m fair game–you want to know what’s annoying about me? Here you go:

I break things. ALL. THE. TIME.

Since we’ve been married, Eric has had to repair the garbage disposal no less than 4 times. Currently, the sink at our new place needs to be fixed because I’ve somehow managed to break it again.

And it’s not just the garbage disposal. I break other things too. Like fancy stemware that costs $40 a glass–yup, I’ve broken more than $200 worth of fancy stemware. I only buy Costco wine glasses now.

Water Glasses left everywhere

At any given point, you can walk around our house, and find no less than three water glasses in completely random places. This is because I like to drink water and then I will forget where I left my glass, and get a new glass, and then the cycle repeats.

There have been times where there’s been at least 5 glasses on my bedside table, all half-filled with water.

I steal the covers

My husband and I don’t share covers. And if it were up to me, we probably wouldn’t share a bed either. I like my SPACE when I sleep. Eric likes to cuddle–see how this is a problem?

I know it makes me sound like a cold-hearted bitch–and most of my family would probably agree with you (heck, my mom says I was born without a heart). But I just get really hot at night, and I like to spread out. In fact, when Eric works night shifts, I almost get a little excited that I get to have the whole bed to myself.

We need to invest in a king-size bed. We also need more covers.

I have a big mouth

I’ve gotten myself in trouble many a time over my big mouth. Sometimes I say exactly what comes to my mind without using any type of filter.

I’m mean when I’m hungry

Everyone knows not to come near me when I haven’t eaten yet. If I get too hungry, I will eat you alive. But really, isn’t this everyone?

What annoys you about you?



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B. (Below Her Means) June 2, 2012 - 10:10 pm

Completely with you on the breaking things and being mean when hungry! I turn into a MONSTER.

femmefrugality June 2, 2012 - 1:36 pm

I’m glad I’m not the only one who does these things! There’s so many water glasses sitting around in our house…it’s like I’m the girl from Signs. I steal covers like it’s my job. Occasionally kicking violently in my sleep. And I swear they could have made those Snickers commercials about me when I’m hungry.

From Shopping to Saving June 2, 2012 - 11:31 am

Erika! This is hilarious. I am so similar.. the water glasses thing used to be a big thing but now I try to minimize the number of glasses I use because it got really messy. Also I have a big mouth but also a loud mouth. I’ll end up saying things too loudly and of course it will get me in trouble because it happens around quiet people. SMH. Hahah

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Jen @ Master the Art of Saving May 31, 2012 - 10:23 pm

My husband says I steal the covers, but he’s always the one who wraps himself up like a burrito with them…so I’m not really sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jessica @ Budget For Health May 31, 2012 - 2:52 pm

I’d say the thing that annoys me the most is that I don’t ask myself if I have everything I need BEFORE we leave the apartment.
I walk out the door…wait I need my sunglasses. Dave patiently holds the door. I walk back out…wait I forgot my water bottle…
luckily I’m married to an ever-so-patient husband who grew up sharing a bathroom with 3 sisters.

ImpulseSave May 31, 2012 - 12:51 pm

Wow, scary how we are pretty much the same person. I break everything – I had my new smart phone for 3 days before I got a crack in the screen and I almost didn’t graduate with a tassel on my hat because – SURPRISE – I broke that, too.

I also used to leave glasses everywhere (which also had a habit of breaking) until I got into the habit of using re-usable water bottles instead. I have less of them, so they don’t build up as much. Plus, I can’t spill them on my laptop (which is totally something I would do!)

Finally – I am a totally different person when I am hungry. My blood sugar fluctuates like a roller coaster. Fortunately it’s genetic, so my dad and sister are the same way. We can at least empathize with each other. But seriously – if you want the old me back, get some food in my stomach!

Jordann @ My Alternate Life May 31, 2012 - 8:37 am

I think I’m going to take a screen shot of the water glass thing to show my fiancรฉe that someone else does that too! That might be my number 1 annoying habit.

Amandalynn K. Sawyer May 31, 2012 - 7:45 am

Thank you for humbly sharing your faults with us! In light of your honesty – here are my submissions… ๐Ÿ™‚

In my household we lovingly refer to my hunger anger as “H-ANGER”. It’s terrible. You can always tell when its inching up too… I try to catch it myself but if I am distracted at all I just start snapping! (Like my turtle… only I am REALLY trying to bite your head off!) LOL.

Also – I am the BIGGEST CLUTZ EVER. I have always been, If I am not breaking something or falling (usually breaking myself) then its definitely a good day. We have never had $20/stem glasses… the most expensive we have is our wedding glasses – Riedel’s that were $15/stem and that’s because of the monogram (I was uber frugal with the fancy glasses and searched hi and low for cheapies because I totally saw myself dropping it at the reception!) We seriously purchased the BONE china (that’s supposed to withstand anything) with a “lifetime warranty” because I have broken about one whole setting since we got married (they’ve already sent us two new place settings in one year!)

Lastly, my husband and I have resorted recently to separate covers. Mostly because I run cold and require a bigger cover in the summer time than him, but its definitely nice to not have to squish in the middle to have a cover… especially because he refuses to have the dogs sleep elsewhere. (Grrr. I blame his mother for that bad habit! Seriously our child is sleeping in their bed – not for lack of love, but for lack of space!) and we have a CAL KING. no excuse!

๐Ÿ™‚ It’s ok though. Marriage is a learning process. You learn about the quirky ticks and you learn to live with them too. hehehe.


Shannon May 31, 2012 - 4:14 am

We have the same bed issue! Hardscape wants to cuddle and I need to star fish out. And God forbid he touches me at night. No way! Best investment ever was our cali kind bed. I do the food thing too. I will have a melt down when I’m hungry. Pathetic I know:)

Emily May 30, 2012 - 7:28 pm

My boyfriend and I have separate covers too. I’m convinced it is the key to a happy relationship. I’ll cuddle for about five minutes, but after that you need to leave.me.alone.

Pam May 30, 2012 - 5:44 pm

I tell my husband our ideal bedroom would have king-sized bunk beds. I like to sleep in the center of the bed, spread eagle. Also, I HATE it when someone takes food off my plate. My poor husband has learned that if he wants a taste of my dinner his only hope is that I remember to offer a bite. For some reason I have no problem offering a bite. Heck, I’ll even feed it to him. (This is where I should disclose that I feel free to eat off his plate and he has absolutely no problem with it!)

CeCe @Frugalista Married May 30, 2012 - 3:54 pm

I love it that you did this and I should probably do a similar post about me and my bad habits (which I assure you are far less then my husband!!).

Teri May 30, 2012 - 3:12 pm

I have a big mouth AND Iโ€™m mean when Iโ€™m hungry! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Teacher Girl May 30, 2012 - 2:50 pm

Um, are we the same person? Because I swear I just wrote this post. Ditto. Ditto to every single word.

Jeff May 30, 2012 - 1:30 pm

There is probably 3 glasses of water on my bed-side table.

Kathleen @ Frugal Portland May 30, 2012 - 1:07 pm

this was really cute and it makes you even more likeable!

J.Mill May 30, 2012 - 12:50 pm

I’m blunt and ask for what I want. I see it as being direct and straightforward, others see it as me being harsh and even selfish. (Hey, if I don’t want to go to that restaurant, I will tell you. You can, in fairness, tell me where to stick my opinions!)

I offer advice when people don’t want to hear it/haven’t asked for it.

I worry about what others think of me and my husband. When he embarrasses me we have a one-on-one talk like he’s an ADD child. At the same time, I can act like an autistic child and freak out if my expectations are not met or if something doesn’t go according to plan.

I can psycho-analyze you into thinking you’re wrong. Or pout to ruin your good time. I’m an awful date to weddings and I know it. It should get me out of a lot more weddings than it has.

I also leave water glasses around, but try to round them up frequently ๐Ÿ™‚
We got a king-sized bed as our wedding gift to ourselves.

Lea May 30, 2012 - 12:00 pm

My husband regularly works nights and I love it! I get the bed all to myself every night. I can arrange the pillows the way I like (I need A LOT of pillows) and with two cats, there’s barely enough room for an extra person anyway!

Ashley May 30, 2012 - 11:57 am

We’re a lot alike in our own annoying habits(water, mean when hungry, no filter sometime…). Thank you for helping me feel more normal…OR we’re out on an island being annoying together. Whichevs….:)

Micah May 30, 2012 - 11:33 am

I am my own worst enemy, plain and simple. I criticize myself. I set myself up for disappointments with unrealistic expectations. I’m also a compulsive spender (not good about sticking to a budget).

Mikael May 30, 2012 - 11:25 am

Haha, that just made you even more adorable to me. I can get mean when I’m hungry too. And the water glasses? I GET IT.

If there’s something I do that drives me nuts, it’s the fact that when I’m tired, there’s no way I will clean up after myself–that’s how my room is a disaster area. I get home trashed at night and leave everything on the floor. Oops. Hehe.

jobo May 30, 2012 - 11:03 am

Ha! I love this twist on the what annoys me…idea! Let’s see, I get SO annoyed at my overthinking. Though it is getting better. I also get annoyed at myself for my complete and utter hatred for taking the trash out. It’s M’s ‘job’ anyway, but when the bag is super full, I just smush stuff on top and he gets SO annoyed. It’s actually kind of funny to see the eyeroll/glare start to happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Michelle May 30, 2012 - 10:19 am

I’m loud.

I talk a lot, just to talk.

I too, leave water glasses EVERYWHERE.

I’m dirty as heck.

Ana May 30, 2012 - 10:00 am

OH my husband complains I steal the covers and don’t sleep in the middle of the bed! I don’t believe it though! haha

And he started buying wine glasses at Good will, because I have the same problem you have! I’m SO clumsy!


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