Wedding planning on a budget

by Erika Torres
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If you are in the process of planning a wedding at the moment you will know just how expensive it can be if you’re not extremely careful. For anyone who wants to make sure they have the wedding they want without breaking the bank, the good news is that it is possible! You just need to follow a few simple tips to ensure that your Big Day doesn’t spiral out of control.

The first and probably most important tip is to have a budget in mind. If you know how much you can afford to spend overall you can calculate how much you can afford to spend on the individual elements of your special day. And there certainly are a lot of those individual elements to take into account! From the table decorations and favours to the cake, dress, suits, stationery, venue hire, the DJ or band, drinks, food and flowers… the costs soon add up.

One way to keep the costs down is to opt for homemade or DIY versions where you can. For example, there are plenty of wedding favour ideas online and in wedding magazines for DIY and handmade favours which will give your wedding a personal touch as well as saving you money. Many people also opt to make their wedding stationery themselves – the invitations, save the dates, place names, table plan and so on – in order to save money. It is worth remembering however that these things take time so don’t leave it until the last minute! And you will of course have to buy kit in to make your stationery or favours so check it’s not going to end up costing you the same in the long run.

Another great way to make your money stretch further is to look at wedding gifts ideas that involve guests contributing to your wedding day, the honeymoon or your future together. You can find wedding gift list sites online which allow guests to securely contribute money as a gift and some of these sites will have a small charge, which includes inserts for the wedding invitations. However, if you’ve booked a honeymoon through a specialist company, it’s worth knowing that many travel companies allow you to set up a gift list site free of charge.

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