5 Ways to Save for the Next Family Vacation

by Erika Torres
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Taking a family vacation is not a cheap endeavor. You need to plan and save to ensure that you have enough money to keep everyone happy and content through the entire trip. There are many ways you can go about saving money for your next family vacation. Consider some of these options.

Eat Out Less

One of the biggest pitfalls many families fall into is eating out all the time. Sure, it’s only costing you $8 to grab lunch while you’re at the office every day, but when you add that up, you’ll end up throwing away more than $2,000 a year, just on your lunches. That doesn’t count grabbing fast food with the family because you didn’t plan your meals ahead of time, and eating out on the weekends as a habit.\

When you cut back on how much you eat out, put the money you would otherwise use for food into savings. Meal planning ahead of time can help you cut down on your grocery budget, as well. This is a great way to start saving for your family trip.

Pay Less at the Pump

If you’re considering getting a new car anyway, make sure that you get one that gets great gas mileage. The less you have to put into the pump every time you fill up, the more money you’ll have to put away for your vacation. When you opt for a hybrid vehicle, you won’t have to worry about stopping to get gas nearly as often – in an SUV comparison, hybrid SUVs were much more fuel efficient than standard SUVs

Make sure you get a vehicle with the best gas mileage, as well as something that will fit everyone in the family comfortably. Along with this, following the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance recommendations will help keep the car in good repair, and you’ll spend less on repairs before your trip.

Go Green

One of the best things about the “green” movement is that it will help you save money. There are many things you can do around the house that save you money and help the environment:

  • Turn off all the lights in empty rooms, and when there is enough daylight to go without artificial light
  • Switch your light bulbs from traditional to CFL bulbs
  • Cut down on the amount of paper you print
  • Consider changing the shower head in your bathroom to a low-flow option

Each of these will help you save money on your bills, such as electricity and water. Plus, they help you reduce your carbon footprint, which is something you can feel good about.

Eliminate Luxuries

Are you spending tons of money each month on cable television? It’s important to remember that you probably don’t need the most expensive package. In fact, more and more people are cutting their cable entirely, and going to cheaper options online, such as Netflix and Hulu. This can save you more than $100 each month. Other services to consider cutting back on include your cell phone bill and any cleaning services you are paying for. See if you can find a cheaper minutes or data plan on your cell phone. If you have someone coming in to clean your home, downsize the number of times they come in per month, or take over the chores yourself.

Cutting out services can be a difficult option. Make sure that you’re not going to be paying more in service fees and cancellations than it would cost to keep the service. In addition, you don’t want to get rid of things that you legitimately use and need.

Use Cash

Most people don’t carry cash around with them anymore. Credit card debt is crippling many families, and it is a difficult cycle to get out of. However, if you start carrying cash, or at the very least using a debit card instead of a credit card, you can save hundreds of dollars a year in interest payments. This money will help you pay off any credit card debt you currently have, putting you in a better place for your vacation.

Cutting back and making lifestyle changes is a difficult process. However, once you’ve made these changes, you’ll find your savings account growing. You may even decide to keep up these money saving habits after your family vacation, allowing you to save more money and get in a better financial spot.


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