Top 7 Tips to Create the Perfect Wedding Photo Book

by James Hendrickson
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wedding photo book, wedding photo album tips, wedding book tipsEveryone talks a lot about the must-have shots for his/her wedding photo book, but many don’t realise that there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done after you get those beautiful pics back. Let’s go over the top 7 tips that can ensure a perfect photo album, which you can cherish for years to come without getting into debt in the process!

Pick your true favourites

You should treat your wedding photo book as a sort of an emotional record, and not something that should be technically perfect. Simply put, pick only those pictures which you can emotionally connect to and which are your true favourites. You shouldn’t let others decide. There is no harm in including a picture that has a certain expression on someone’s face, which is memorable! It’s only you and your partner who should decide what should be excluded and what included.

Let the pics do the talking

The digital age we live in allows for a lot of tricks to be played on the wedding photo albums. However good that may seem, all such tricks sometimes lead to visual clutter. A good picture must stand on its own. You shouldn’t have more than one or two photographs per spread. A good idea is placing the vertical pic on one page and then stretching the horizontal one across the two pages.

Chronology is fine but listen to your heart

Although it’s common sense to include the ceremony shots before the reception pics, or the after-party shots, but there’s no harm if you want to have an amazing photograph from later, on the front! You should listen to your heart and go with whatever you feel is best.

Approach the task spread by spread

Your wedding photo book is all about the poetry in your pictures! Flow of the pictures is far more important compared to their order. Just as a good magazine is made up of many spreads, the same is the case with a wedding album. You must approach each spread one by one. It’s important for the pages to be related to each other, through style or content.

Include images that show big ceremony moments

All the key moments of your wedding, for instance, the rings’ exchange, the bride walking down the aisle, the kiss and the ceremonies theme should all be included in your wedding photo book. You should ensure that you get shots of all those critical parts of the wedding day, and incorporate them into the album.

Avoid procrastination

There are brides who order their wedding photo book right away and then there are ones who wait for years! It’s always better to order it at the earliest. Just select the shots you want included and then either do it yourself or let the photographer do it for you. Normally, it’s best to let the professionals do their job.

The size should match the wedding weekend

Wedding photo books should ideally be at par with the size of the wedding. An intimate and close affair may not require as many images as should ideally go into a 5-day extravaganza! 50 pages is the bare minimum you should have.

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