Here’s Why It’s A Great Time To Change Careers

by Tamila McDonald

easy career changes that pay well

Based on a 2016 survey, approximately 30 percent of Americans see their current role as “just a job to get them by” and not a fulfilling career. You might be surprised to know that there are many easy career changes that pay well.

While staying in a position that isn’t inspiring may seem harmless on the surface, it actually comes with repercussions. Your motivation may fall or burn out may set in. The dissatisfaction could seep into other areas of your life, impacting your personal relationships.

Why Now is a Great Time to Change Careers

As of April 2018, the unemployment rate reached a dramatic low point, coming in at just 3.9 percent. When unemployment reaches these levels, companies are practically guaranteed to have trouble finding workers to fill their open position.

Typically, low unemployment can work in your favor. You’ll likely face less competition when applying for jobs, which can make a career change easier. Additionally, companies may be increasingly open to training someone who exhibits potential, even if they don’t have all of the skills they’d like to find. This is also a boon for individuals looking to make a change, as it can help you acquire new understandings to work in the field.

The Benefits of a Career Change

If you aren’t satisfied in your current field, you are probably suffering some ill-effects. For example, you may lack the motivation to perform or even go to work. You may feel constantly frustrated or as though you’re in a state of perpetual boredom.

Ultimately, 40 hours a week is a long time to be in a place you don’t want to be. By making a change, you can find work that inspires you instead of dragging you down. This will improve your wellbeing, which can affect every area of your life.

Additionally, if you pursue a career in an in-demand field, like healthcare or tech, you may be able to find lucrative options. Since workforce shortfalls are plaguing certain industries, exploring opportunities in these areas can lead to higher salaries, both in the short- and long-term.

How to Change Careers

Making a career change requires a few steps. First, you need to honestly assess your skills and experiences to determine what you currently possess. Next, you should identify what your ideal career looks like and research what it takes to get a job in that field. Finally, you either need to adjust your resume to target those positions or boost your skills or education to make you competitive in that arena.

It can take some time to prepare for a career change. But, if you are truly unhappy, or at least ambivalent, about where you are today, it could be worth dedicating the energy to make it happen.


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Great stuff, please keep the good articles coming.

There are so many people stuck in a rut that need to move on, not just for the pay but also so they can develop and grow personally. The best thing is the personal growth will usually lead to more income too!


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