James Dondero: A Hero For What?

This world needs heroes. And no, we aren’t talking about the Batman or Superman, but actual human beings that walk the same streets we do. The hero we are talking about is philanthropist James Dondero, the chairman, and co-founder of Highland Capital Management.

How It All Began

In 1994, Dondero relocated the HCM from Los Angeles to Dallas in hope to see it revitalized and uplifted. From the begging, Dondero wanted to have a positive impact on the local community. Even though HCM operates globally, the company strived to achieve a practical and tangible humane effect, making sure that everyone around it can prosper from its profits.

Most recently, Linda Owen joined the HCM foundation in hope to make the company’s philanthropic philosophy even more impactful. With Linda’s help, HCM foundation managed to collect over $1 million for The Family Place, a notable agency that helps victims of family violence in the State of Texas.

No Animal Left Behind

Furthermore, Mr. Dondero donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo and helped it build Highland Hippo Hut. This gesture was a response to the 2001 tragedy when one of the oldest hippos (Papa) died. The zoo managers swore not to bring any more hippos in until a proper habitat was established. While Ronder’s donation was one among many, it was quite substantial and ensured hippos get the care they need.

The hut also serves an educational purpose, for it allows visitors to not only observe and marvel at these incredible creatures but to also learn about hippos and the role they play in our world.

Educating Our Citizens

Highland Capital Management also donated $2 million to the Southern Methodist University, helping them create Tower Scholars Program. With the help of HCM, the mentioned university helps those who study political studies and international affairs. The selected students of the Tower Scholars Program also receive the opportunity to acquire experience via the study-abroad events.

These students are also exposed to public policymaking, which helps them get the actual image of how policies are formed and made. The idea is simple; educate and produce students that will one day represent the people they grew up with, and ultimately, help the United States of America.

Merging Education With Freedom

James Dondero strongly believes in education, which is why the HCM supports the Education is Freedom organization. The EIF helps those students that are in a dire financial situation, helping them with pursuit their college dreams and guiding them to become respectable and profitable members of the Dallas community.

The EIF is also in the direct communication with the Mayor’s Office, with which they developed the Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program. The HCM is notable for sponsoring job fairs for the mentioned program, helping students to work with some of the most respectable and distinguished non-profit and corporate companies and groups in Dallas.

Other Notable Endeavors

The HCM also donated over $5 million to the Bush Center. The money was used for the development of new facilities, including libraries, museums, and so forth. Additionally, Mr. Dondero donated $10 million to help support various programs that were started by the Bush Center.

Mr. Dondero is also a great supporter of science. Notably, he helped build the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. With the revied funds, the museum was able to broaden their offer. Currently, the museum has 11 world-class exhibits, which encourage children to pursue a career in science and learn more about math and technology.

On Mr. Dondero And Highland Capital Management

In 1993, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the HCM. Since its foundation, the HCM has evolved into a transnational and billion-dollar asset management company, with offices located in Dallas, Singapore, Seul and so forth (you can browse highlandcapital.com for more information.)

HCM successfully utilized Mr. Dondero’s prior working experience in J.P.Morgan and American Express, which helped the company to manage their finance successfully and grow globally. The company specializes in managing hedge funds, real estate, and other similar projects for high-end clients, governments and the general public.


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