Guess Who Came To Our Wedding? 5 Unique Wedding Guest Books

by Tamila McDonald
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Wedding guest books are a time-honored tradition, but that doesn’t mean couples have to do it the conventional way. There are plenty of fun options that take wedding guest books to an entirely new level, be that fun, quirky, artistic, or otherwise different. If you’re looking for a unique wedding guest book, here are five options to consider.

1. Y&K Homish Drop Top Frame Wedding Guest Book

The Y&K Homish Drop Top Frame Wedding Guest Book is as much of a décor piece as it is a way to record memories. Guests can add their names to a cute wooden heart, and then they place them in a slot in the frame. That allows the signed hearts to rest between pieces of acrylic glass, resulting in a display.

For convenience, a stand is included to support the frame. There’s also a box to hold the hearts the guests will sign, which is a nice addition.

2. Neamon Stacked Wood Hearts Wedding Guest Book

With the Neamon Wood Hearts Wedding Guest Book, attendees can write notes to the couple on wooden hearts. Once they finish with the message, the hearts go on a stand, ensuring they’re all kept together.

The overall look is a tad rustic, but it’s refined enough to work for a variety of wedding styles. One particular nice part of the package is that it comes with a sign that lets guests know that the hearts are the guest book, so no one will need to stand by it to ensure guests take a moment to jot down a message.

3. Lifetoo Wooden Block Game Wedding Guest Book

For couples who are fans of games, the Lifetoo Wooden Block Game Wedding Guest Book is an excellent option. Guests can write a note on an individual block and place it back on the tower, allowing the couple to enjoy the messages every time they play.

Along with the blocks, the kit includes a pen and sign to let guests know to write a message. There’s also a handy clear storage box for moving the game or using it as a display piece.

4. Jecor Boxed Wooden Hearts Wedding Guest Book

The Jecor Boxed Wooden Hearts Wedding Guest Book is a solid choice for rustic or country weddings when couples prefer something a bit non-traditional. Instead of a book, guests write messages on wooden hearts and place the notes in a wooden box. It also includes a sign that tells attendees to sign a heart so they’ll know what to do.

5. Spinpix360 Vintage Phone Wedding Guest Book

For genuinely unconventional couples who appreciate nostalgia, the Spinpix360 Vintage Phone Wedding Guest Book is a fun choice. Instead of writing messages, guests get to record them using a recreation of a vintage phone. The set comes with a sign letting guests know to share a message. Additionally, there’s an included 8GB micro-SD card, so you don’t need to buy one separately.

Did you have a unique wedding guest book for your big day and want to tell others about it? Did one of the options above really catch your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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