Top 5 Small Wedding Venues in Delaware

by Tamila McDonald
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small wedding venues in Delaware

Many couples focus their search on small wedding venues. At times, this is because they prefer to have an intimate celebration, so they don’t need a lot of space to have their ideal wedding day. For others, it’s all about affordability. At times, a small wedding venue could work better for tighter wedding budgets or could make some luxury touches fit without breaking the bank. If you’re planning on an intimate event, there are some amazing small wedding venues in Delaware that are worth considering. Here are five of the best.

1. Deerfield Golf Club – Newark

At the Deerfield Golf Club, you can have a beautiful indoor or outdoor wedding. There are magnificent atriums, breathtaking terraces, and even a quaint gazebo that can serve as a backdrop for your ceremony. Additionally, you can choose a wide-open outdoor area, letting the nearby pine trees add a natural touch to the festivities.

If you want to simplify your wedding planning, Deerfield has a variety of packages available. Each option includes a five-hour reception with cocktails, a champagne toast, a three-course meal, select décor items, support staff, and More. You can even have the venue handle the wedding cake.

There are also on-site accommodations available. Each package comes with a one-night stay in the bridal suite automatically. However, you can also secure guest rooms at a discounted rate, which could be ideal for out-of-town guests.

Currently, Deerfield is also offering micro-wedding plans. You can choose the terrace or an atrium, and invite up to eight guests to attend. The venue will arrange for an officiant and make the grounds available for photographs. You also get a sparkling wine toast at the end.

2. The Clubhouse at Baywood – Millsboro

Another all-inclusive option, Baywood makes planning your small wedding a breeze. You can select a package that fits your budget, all while having access to award-winning garden spaces and other amazing outdoor ceremony options. If you’d rather wed indoors, you’re covered for that, too, thanks to the beautiful ballroom.

From flowers to seating to food, this venue has you covered. On the food side, you can choose your service level and meal options. Whether you’d rather have a cost-conscious buffet or a luxurious plated meal, there’s a plan for you.

Plus, they’ll assist with critical preparations and breakdowns after the ceremony and reception. The packages also include audio/visual systems and some décor items, ensuring you don’t have to rent those separately for your event.

3. Irish Eyes Restaurant & Pub – Lewes

At the Irish Eyes, there’s a space available that’s perfect for small weddings. The second-floor room has panoramic views of the nearby Lewes Harbor from its attached 1,100 square foot deck.

You have the ability to choose from several ceremony options. Plus, for the reception, you can enjoy a full bar as well as an available dance floor. If you want a full meal, there are buffet dinner plans available, as well.

You also don’t have to worry about accessibility. The space can be reached by elevator, ensuring those with mobility issues don’t have to deal with stairs. There are also private restrooms for the event space, so you don’t have to head to the restaurant or pub when you need the facilities.

4. Salero – Rehoboth Beach

If you want an oceanside event, then Salero might be your ideal destination for your wedding. You can get married on the beach, allowing the beautiful water views to serve as the backdrop for your ceremony.

Plus, the venue is all-inclusive, ensuring you don’t have to stress about the details. Receptions are hosted in the nearby ballroom, and the location will help you handle every detail. There are several packages available, allowing you to choose options that fit with your budget. However, every package includes gourmet dinners prepared by the venue’s chef and cake service.

Along with food, you’ll also have beverages, including a champagne toast and an open bar. For entertainment, the venue will handle the DJ and dance floor. Linens and basic décor are also part of the packages.

5. DuPont Country Club – Wilmington

The DuPont Country Club has spaces designed for any size event, including small weddings. This venue also offers amazing grounds that are perfect for a ceremony or photos before or after the event.

You get wedding planning assistance with this venue, which can take the stress out of coordinating your special day. They will work with you to bring your perfect celebration to life, ensuring every detail is addressed along the way.

Plus, they can provide catering. Whether you want a full, customized meal, a simple cocktail reception, or anything in between, they can bring your vision to life.

Do you know of any other small wedding venues in Delaware couples shouldn’t overlook? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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