Increase Your Renovated Home’s Value in 8 Steps

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As a homeowner, you dream that you will sell your house for a higher price than you purchased it one day. To actualize this desire, you must undertake some renovations that will require your financial input. Without any doubt, the value of your house will hike depending on the renovations you undertake. The following are some nitty-gritty home renovations you can contemplate undertaking.

Paint Job

Re-painting your house is a cost-effective renovation hack that will hike your house’s value by far. Potential real estate clients are willing to pay more for an attractive house to look at. With re-painting, you can contemplate if you will redo your entire house or major in some specific areas.

You could consider using different shades of paint while re-painting your house, but how will these shades hike the value of your house? For instance, when your bathroom has a periwinkle blue color, the value of your house may hike by $5,000. This is mainly because such colors are considered more attractive than the traditional white color. In addition, ivory is a color that adds the most value to your house.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficiency appliances will slash your utility bills by over half. Buyers will gain interest in a house with new and energy-efficient features to minimize the financial costs of running the house. You don’t have to spend all your money on replacing your appliances since there is a wide variety of reasonably-priced appliances.


You can spare your extra time and improve the appearance of your lawn. You can ensure the lawn is well manicured and trim your fence and bushes around your house before listing your house for sale. Contemplate planting attractive flowers and other plants in strategic areas of your house. With minimal finances, you can carry out professional landscaping that will escalate the value of your house.

Kitchen Remodeling

Depending on your finances, you can consider undertaking a minor or major kitchen remodeling project. A minor renovation entails upgrading your kitchen cabinets and installing new flooring or appliances. A minor remodeling project should cost a maximum of $21,000. Major renovations entail changing the floor plan of your kitchen, enlarging your kitchen space and rearranging gas lines and pipes, or altering the wiring.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting spices up the appearance of your home mainly during the night and the evenings. Consider installing some lights along the outdoor paths of your home. According to Zippia, more than 31,549 electrical contractors are employed in the United States. This gives you a leeway to choose your ideal contractor to handle your outdoor lighting needs. Your electrical contractor will guide you on the best outdoor lighting techniques that will hike the value of your house.

Security and Safety

Potential clients wouldn’t mind spending more on a house with advanced security features. You should consider installing CCTV cameras in your entire compound. You can also have an insurance policy to cover your house in case of any damage. Install fire and smoke detectors to mitigate the chances of a fire outbreak. Ensure you can monitor all of your security devices from the comfort of your phone.

Outdoor Sitting Area

Creating an outdoor seating space is ideal for enhancing your house’s exterior appearance. You can set up a gazebo or a deck with comfortable seats. The outdoor space can be ideal for holding private meetings or parties. If the area is enclosed, install a TV and a fireplace to keep you warm during the evenings while enjoying the sunset.


Even with minimal financial expenditures, you can upgrade the finishes of your house to create a striking appearance for your potential buyer. You can replace your door knobs with more attractive ones, replace your flooring, and upgrade your home decor.

After carrying out the necessary renovations, ensure you include them when listing your house. Remember, the kind of renovations you undertake will highly determine the selling price of your house.

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