What are Banners Made Of?

by Susan Paige
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So you have decided on purchasing banners to either promote or inform people of your store, but which one should you invest in? There are many different types to choose from all of which are worthy of the investment, depending on your desired outputs. Once you have designed your banner and thought of where it you would like it to be located, then you should choose a banner material. Below are all of the possible banner materials that you can choose from. 

Vinyl Banners


The versatility of a vinyl banner gives its unique strength within the marketing promotional mix. It can be used both inside and outside and is extremely durable and mostly tear or scuff resistant. It is usually fashioned with a glossy finish, giving it a smooth, premium quality. Nevertheless, if you prefer you can get it in a matte finish too. Vinyl banners are predominantly used outside, this is because it can brave the elements better than other alternatives. Below are the different types of vinyl banners. 


Scrim Vinyl Banners


This is the most used vinyl banner as it is very strong, durable and long lasting. It can survive almost all elements, making perfect for outside use. These banners are usually very heavy and will require a team to install them, depending on the size. They are commonly used close to stores or outlets and showcase new offerings, discounts or brand names and information. 


Adhesive Vinyl Banners


If you have a lot of wall space or windows, adhesive vinyl banners are a great option for you to invest in. They work best on these kinds of surfaces and are usually light and easy to install. They do not require any reinforcements to install them as they rely on the adhesive to keep them secure. They are usually smaller in size, but can come in larger sizes if you have the surface area to house them. 


Mesh Vinyl Banners


As mesh is a much more permeable than other materials, it can withstand the harshest of weather with ease. If you operate in areas that predominantly experience cold volatile weather then this material could be best for you. 


Mesh vinyl banners are an ideal choice if your chosen design is extremely large. They can be installed onto storefronts or coverings on entire structures depending on your wishes. They are usually seen in more urban areas that do not have the promotional space readily available so a building can be wrapped in it and get a lot of engagement from customers.  


Fabric Banners


This type of banner is usually found in polyester, satin or canvas depending on your personal preference. These materials allow for a very clear, crisp picture to be transferred onto them. As the banner is fabric it is easy to store and can be cleaned and reused year upon year, they definitely keep a fresh look for a long time. 


As fabric banners are mainly used indoors, because they cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, businesses tend to print more mass marketing-based promotions on them, rather than targeted ones, depending on their budgets. 


Polyester Banners


This banner is used mainly inside, but is very durable and lightweight too. They are easy to move around stores and from location to location making them more favourable. The polyester allows for a crisp finish, so if your banner is set to include a picture or detail this could be the best way to go. 


Satin Banners


Satin banners are considered more of a luxury item, however they offer the same, if not better quality of a polyester banner. They are used at high scale events and can be transported easily too. A satin banner is a great addition to more high-end events, if your budget allows for it.


Canvas Banners


Canvas banners are a great option if you are looking for a banner that can withstand the test of time. If treated right they can last for years and offer a semi-gloss finish to really get them gleaming when being used. This way you can share photos on banners with ease too. 




As explained above banners can be made of many different materials, choosing the right one is dependant on what the banner will be used for. Once you have chosen your banner material, location and the design you hope to transfer on to it, you need to choose a vendor to create it. This is really the most important aspect of creating a banner, choosing the right company to partner with. 


There are many retailers offering you banner creation opportunities, a good example of this is Printmoz. Be sure to do your research, speak with the vendor and ensure that your banner ideas and expectations are withheld. Most retailers will offer advice and help, you just need to reach out and connect with them. 

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