Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 30 2012

How I let the little things go

no farts

I firmly believe my husband could win the “Smelliest Fart” award. It is that bad. Last week, we were driving home after a late party. I was driving and Eric was in the passenger seat. Out of nowhere, I see Eric roll down the window. It was freezing so I thought “why the heck was …

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Jan 24 2012

How do you talk about money with your husband?


Who manages the finances in your relationship? It’s rare that it’s a 50-50 split, and it tends to be easier to just let one person manage the finances. But what about the other partner? How are they involved in the finances? It’s one of my goals this year to get my husband more involved in …

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Jan 23 2012

Financial Goals for Newlyweds and New Couples in 2012

The following is a post written by me for Bettement’s Blogging for a Better New Year Carnival. This past year, my husband and I had one focus: save as much money as possible so we could survive four months on one income while my husband was in the firefighter academy (with no pay). We took …

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Jan 20 2012

On husbands, running and updates

new years

On Husbands and Marriage It was Eric’s birthday yesterday and since he claims that I only tend to bag on him on my blog and never say anything good about him (I don’t do that, do I? *shuffles feet*) , I decided I’d post some things he does that make me HAPPY: Now that he …

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Jan 18 2012

Taking control of our finances

2012 whipped

We have big plans for our finances in 2012. I even emailed Eric the other day and wrote: “I’m going to make 2012 my financial b*tch.” It’s a lot easier to think big when you know you’ll have two incomes for the entire year. It’s time to get serious. Where our Finances stand As of …

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Jan 16 2012

How I started to make money from my blog


I’ve received some questions from long-time readers about how I make money blogging. It’s something that only started recently, even though I’ve had this little blog since August 2010. This is the step-by-step process I’ve taken to help grow and monetize my blog: I joined the Yakezie network The Yakezie network is a group of …

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