Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 30 2012

Why Blogs and Google Analytics don’t mix

One of my 2012 goals was to continue to grow the blog. At the end of 2011, I had just started getting into advertising on my site and the money I was making had me seeing dollar signs in my eyes. For the first few months in 2012, I was busting my butt. I became …

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Sep 26 2012

We paid off ONE Student Loan!

With only three months left in 2012, I needed to get cracking on our 2012 goals for the year. Here are the ones we have left to finish: Pay Off at least One Student Loan Go on a honeymoon Save $10,000 I would say the other non-tangible ones, such as Continue Growing the Blog, Eat …

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Sep 23 2012

Is it okay to have three children?

Ever since my babies, babies, babies post, I’ve been thinking about two other child-related things that I just have to tell someone about because I want to know if I’m normal. Well, I already know I’m not normal… The first is…I really want a girl. Like really want a girl. Like, I will be really …

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Sep 20 2012

Now I ain’t sayin I’m a gold digger…

Two weeks ago, we received Eric’s first paycheck with full-time hours on it. This check was more than twice as much as he was making while working part-time hours these past few months and the highest paycheck he’s made since we’ve been married. I cannot begin to express how much relief this brought us—or rather, …

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Sep 14 2012

TV Opportunity for couples!

A producer from the Katie Couric show is looking for couples to appear on the show to talk about financial issues and financial infidelity. Please see the info below: My name is Sarah and I work for the “Katie” show on ABC. It is a new talk show hosted by Kaite Couric. I got your …

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Sep 11 2012

Summer 2012 Edition: How I make extra money online

Haven’t done one of these in a while… Every month, I keep track of how much extra money I made through what I affectionately call “The Side Hustle.” I already met my 2012 goal by making $2,500 in side hustle income this year. I hope to double my goal, or make $5,000, by the end …

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