Save Time and Money with Multi-Purpose Furniture

by Erika Torres
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Among the many challenges we face in modern life, the increasing lack of living space is the most obvious one. No reason to despair yet, though! Designers from around the world have unleashed their imagination on the problem, and many of their solutions are nothing short of genius. They will save you space, time, and money all at once – what is not to like? Here are some things you just have to put in your home.

Dine in style and to the size
Always wanted a big dining table to seat the whole extended family or all your friends at once? Get yourself an extendable console table to accommodate every guest you want. When the party is over, fold it back nicely and enjoy your spacious dining room again. No more bruises from running around a giant 10-seater!

Sit or sleep – the sleek way

One of the cornerstones of every home is having comfortable furniture to sit and sleep on – but both at the same time? Sofa beds come to the rescue! Your comfy television corner turns into a king-size bed at the pull of a handle. The best part? You can still reach the leftover snacks from the movie night while you are lying in your sofa bed.

Pullout closets
If your wardrobe space is limited, make it work double or triple with a pullout closet. Use the extra space for storage, and do your folding and organizing on the additional surfaces. The pullout concept does not only apply to clothes, either. Your book and multimedia collection, your kitchen, and your bathroom can all benefit from this seemingly magical space solution!

Popup productivity
Get ready access to all the tools of your trade without filling a room. How? A mobile workstation in classic finish folds out and presents you with a wide desk surface as well as numerous drawers and shelves. Keep everything where you need it and in plain sight, get your job done, and then fold it back in. Place some flower pots on top and you have yourself a green island!

Optimize and save!
These are just a few examples of how you can optimize your dwelling’s space usage by combining several furniture functions into one object. Getting two or more at the price of one – now that is a bargain!

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