Non-Traditional Wedding Rings and the Pros and Cons of Each

by Susan Paige
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wooden wedding rings pros and cons

Not everyone wants a traditional wedding ring. Some people just don’t care for the look of gold, silver, or platinum, while others want something more cost-effective. If you think a non-traditional wedding ring might be right for you, here are a few options worth exploring.

Wooden Wedding Rings Pros and Cons


Wood is an incredibly versatile material. Not only can it be shaped into a ring relatively easily, but it can also be painted or stained before being sealed, giving you additional control over the final look. You may even be able to have unique patterns, monograms, or other images carved into the jewelry, creating even more options.

Often, wooden wedding rings are pretty affordable. However, the species of wood can play a role in the cost, making some options a bit more costly. A wood ring can also be eco-friendly if reclaimed materials are used, or you opt for bamboo over regular wood. But, not everything is ethically sourced, so you do your research if that is an important consideration.

Typically, wood rings won’t cause allergic reactions, which can be great for newlyweds with allergies. Additionally, wood doesn’t conduct electricity, making it safer for certain professionals, like mechanics or electricians.


However, wooden wedding rings can’t be resized, so any change it weight means either you can’t wear it or you need a new one. Similarly, they can’t soak in water even if they are sealed, as this can damage the material. Certain chemicals and abrasives can harm the surface as well, and it is usually easier to accidentally break or crack a wooden ring than it is a metal one.

Silicone Wedding Rings Pros and Cons


Silicone wedding rings are one of the safest options for people who work with their hands. If the ring becomes stuck, it can stretch, reducing the chances that the wearer will be harmed.

Plus, silicone doesn’t conduct electricity and are heat resistant, making it ideal for a wide range of professionals. It is also incredibly comfortable, and they don’t have to be removed for activities like weightlifting, rock climbing, or others that could hurt your hands if you wore a metal ring.


The material is also thin and light, making it feel less bulky and weighty. They can be worn in water too, which means you pretty much never have to take it off.

However, silicone rings look like silicone, and not everyone enjoys that rubbery appearance. While it can stretch a bit, allowing the wearer’s weight to fluctuate, they can’t be formally resized. However, they are affordable, so buying a replacement usually isn’t a big deal.

Tattoo Wedding Rings Pros and Cons


Tattoo wedding rings are the most permanent option available. Like any tattoo, ink is put into the skin to make the design of a ring. You can include patterns in the design and, since it isn’t actually made of anything but lines and shading, the sky is the limit in that regard. Additionally, it can’t get hooked on anything since it isn’t a physical object.


The biggest drawback to a tattoo wedding ring is the level of permanence. While you can’t lose it, you can’t just remove it either. Getting rid of it would require several laser removal treatments, which are incredibly uncomfortable and cost a pretty penny.

Over time, tattoos also fade and feather. The design won’t stay crisp and vibrant forever, so certain details might not be visible after a few years. And, if you don’t like the look of it after a while, there isn’t a ton you can do about it without getting it removed first.

However, getting a tattoo can be cost-effective. You don’t ever have to worry about getting a replacement, even if your weight changes. Just keep in mind that this comes with the highest level of commitment and, while people want to focus on forever when they get married, not everyone makes it.

Ultimately, these non-traditional wedding rings do have their place, so consider whether one of them may be right for you. If not, then there’s nothing wrong with sticking with metal.

Have you ever thought about purchasing a non traditional ring? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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