Reddit Personal Finance Can Help Newly Married Couples

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reddit personal finance for Newly Married Couples


Reddit is home to a treasure trove of information. Along with sharing notable tidbits and research, users can discuss their personal experiences in nearly any category imaginable. That makes Reddit an excellent resource for couples seeking advice from people who’ve been in their shoes. If you’re wondering how Reddit personal finance for newly married couples can help, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Reddit Personal Finance?

Reddit personal finance is an online community that focuses on the ins and outs of money management in a personal sense. While there’s technically a single subreddit that claimed “Personal Finance” as its moniker, there is a slew of subreddits that dive into the topic. In some cases, the presented information remains general, while others dive into specific niches within the world of personal finance.

Regardless of the subreddits involved, Reddit personal finance is essentially a place where people can ask questions, discuss experiences, and otherwise learn from others. Some community members are experts in the personal finance arena, while others are regular people who simply want to impart wisdom, help people avoid mistakes they’ve made, or offer tips that can allow members to thrive.

How Can Reddit Personal Finance For Newly Married Couples Help?

There are several ways that Reddit personal finance communities can help newly married couples. First, they’re an exceptional source of information. Past discussions remain viewable long-term, creating opportunities to search for the details a couple may need. That alone can make Reddit a valuable destination, even if you don’t directly engage with the communities.

Along with general personal finance subreddits, there are numerous specialty communities. While members of the public are typically welcome, some subreddits are brimming with experts in their fields. As a result, newlyweds can get sound insights from people who really understand budgeting, investing, retirement planning, home buying, and more.

Second, Reddit personal finance is often a safe place to ask questions. While you should always avoid providing overly personal details online, members of the communities are typically nonjudgmental and do their best to help, making it an excellent destination if you want to get insights into a particular topic.

Additionally, community rules bar certain kinds of behavior, and moderators commonly take action to ensure their respective subreddits are welcoming. While there are always toxic people online, that can mean your odds of encountering them are reasonably small.

Best Reddit Personal Finance Communities for Newlyweds


The largest and highest-rated community in the personal finance niche is r/PersonalFinance. It has over 15 million members and covers a range of topics, including credit, investing, debt, budgeting, and more.

One of the big benefits of starting here is the wealth of existing information. You can search the subreddit to see if there are answers to questions you have before posting them yourself, potentially saving you a significant amount of time.


If you and your spouse want to achieve financial independence – and potentially retire early – r/FinancialIndependence is a community worth exploring. It’s one of the larger subreddits in the personal finance space, boasting around 1.2 million members.

Along with real-life case studies, it’s brimming with advice about how to manage money, invest effectively, reduce costs, and otherwise pave the way for a financially independent life. Plus, it’s been around for more than a decade, so there’s a ton of legacy information that can still be helpful today.


While the r/Budget subreddit is a smaller community with a bit less than 22,000 members, it’s a great destination for newlyweds trying to create their first joint budgets. There’s information about popular strategies, budget tracking apps, creating spreadsheets, and more.

Additionally, it’s an excellent place to see advice about how to plan for a range of expenses. Whether you’re trying to save up a down payment for a home or want to ensure you have enough money set aside to adopt a dog, you can get some excellent insights.


If you’re perusing through personal finance subreddits and are discouraged by posts from high-income individuals or households, then consider taking a trip to r/PovertyFinance. It’s a subreddit (with 1.1 million members) that focuses on personal finance from the perspective of the “financially challenged.”

The purpose of this subreddit is to ensure those who are working to improve their financial position have a place to discuss their challenges and triumphs, as well as get advice. It’s an excellent choice for any couple where personal finance tips targeting higher-income households aren’t helpful yet, allowing them to start their journey toward financial wellness with greater ease.


Another counterpoint to the subreddits focused on higher-income households, r/MiddleClassFinance focuses on middle-income individuals and families. It’s a smaller and newer subreddit with a membership of just 29,000. However, it’s an excellent place for couples who fall into the middle-class category.

Here, you’ll find anything from basic budgeting advice to guidance on life insurance. There are also insights about home purchases, investing, and other topics that tend to crop up when your financial situation shifts from low-income to middle class.


For couples that want to start investing but prefer more passive approaches, r/Bogleheads is a go-to resource. It focuses mainly on indexing, such as using mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to build wealth.

The approach aims to keep costs low, ensure diversification, and provide reliable long-term earnings or income potential. It’s a community aimed at the “buy and hold” investor who wants to keep things balanced without having to become an investment expert.

Should You Join Reddit Personal Finance Communities?

If there is a subreddit or two that piques your interest, you can explore it to your heart’s content, even if you aren’t a member. However, you may want to join a subreddit if you would like to stay on top of new posts or return to it with greater ease.

For couples that want to post questions or comments, you’ll need to review the rules for that specific subreddit. Each community can have its own requirements, such as limiting posting capabilities to accounts with a certain about of “karma” on the site. Additionally, there may be rules regarding topics that have already been addressed in previously created threads, posting certain kinds of content, and more.

In many cases, you can review the rules before joining, typically in the subreddit’s wiki or in a pinned topic at the top of the subreddit’s main page. Make sure to read through them before taking any other action, as failing to abide by the rules can get you banned from the subreddit.

However, if you stick to the rules, you can track threads, engage with others, and ask questions. In turn, that makes Reddit an incredibly helpful resource.

Can you think of any other ways that Reddit personal finance can help newly married couples? Are there any other subreddits that could help newlyweds build a strong financial foundation that you’d like to pass along? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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