Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 30 2012

Things that annoy me about me


I know I have annoying habits. Eric says I always trash talk about him on the blog, and make myself sound perfect, but then never let anyone know my deep dark annoying secrets about myself. I told him to get his own blog so he could bitch about me. But I’m fair game–you want to …

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May 23 2012

The secret to a happy marriage

man room

I am convinced that I have discovered the secret to a happy marriage. Or perhaps, I’ve just discovered the secret that keeps our marriage happy: The Man Room. When we were looking for a new place to live, we both felt strongly that we needed a two-bedroom. Two bedrooms typically offer more space in the …

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May 21 2012

Why taking my husband’s last name still makes me a feminist


Sometimes, I think women spend too much time judging each other. From how we raise our kids, to whether we choose to work or stay at home, to even about whether we keep our maiden name or take our husband’s last name. This can been seen most recently with Time‘s “Are you mom enough?” –  …

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May 18 2012

The Cost of Utilities

Expensive Utilities

One of the downsides of moving to our new home—okay, the only downside of moving to our new home, has been that we now pay utilities. At our old love shack, we only paid rent and everything was included. I never saw a cable, gas, electric, water or phone bill. And now, I see them …

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May 16 2012

10 Pound Challenge Winners!

It’s been a long time coming. The 10-Pound Challenge officially ended April 9th, and while the winners were contacted and received their prizes, I haven’t gotten around to an update because well…I was hoping I’d have more to report. First, I want to congratulate the winners: Grand Prize: $75 Paypal Cash Biggest Loser Prize: $5 …

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May 14 2012

When do you use your emergency fund?


Well, the shit has finally hit the fan. I was doing fine but I am now really feeling the effects of Eric being out of work and not receiving any paychecks for approximately five whole weeks. Even though he’s been back at work for two weeks, he has yet o receive a paycheck and I’m …

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