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Jan 20 2014

How We Paid Off $45,000 in Debt in 45 Months

I originally wrote this post for GoGirl Finance. I have updated it to reflect our last check payment that we made last week.  It wasn’t until about three weeks after our wedding that Eric and I decided to sit down and go over all our finances. This is when we discovered that we had more …

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Jun 17 2013

The decision to pay off $12,397.84 in student loans in one day

So just as I bragged about reaching the $10,000+ milestone in our house down payment fund, a new thought occurred to me. I still had $12,397.84 in student loans that were costing me $80 a month or so in interest. We were making 0.5% interest in our savings account. Why don’t I pay off these …

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May 20 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Student Loans

The Great First, the GREAT news: I paid off my FOURTH Student Loan on Friday! Can I just add that this brings down my student loans to $13,788.01?!?!? I started off the year with $18,248.01 in student debt.  I’ve paid off $4,460 in student loan debt in five months! Happy dance for me. It feels …

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Jan 02 2013

Budget in Review: Where did our money go in 2012?

I try and keep track of every single penny Eric and I earn and spend. It’s not too time consuming and I enjoy it. I decided to compare how our money was spent last year, as opposed to this year because we’ve had a LOT of changes. For every $100 we earned, we spent on …

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Nov 01 2012

Scaring debt away on Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween yesterday! My company gets really into it, and I was happy that most of my department dressed up. This was my pregnant nun costume: And these were some of the, um, creative, entries in the pumpkin carving contest: I was super excited about this year’s Halloween, because it …

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Sep 26 2012

We paid off ONE Student Loan!

With only three months left in 2012, I needed to get cracking on our 2012 goals for the year. Here are the ones we have left to finish: Pay Off at least One Student Loan Go on a honeymoon Save $10,000 I would say the other non-tangible ones, such as Continue Growing the Blog, Eat …

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