Is Dollar Tree Still A Good Deal for Shoppers?

by Tamila McDonald
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Dollar Tree – which owns its namesake stores and the Family Dollar chain – is known for a simple premise, selling items for just $1. However, the chain has been ailing. Along with plans to close 390 Family Dollar stores in 2019 and intentions to shutter 200 Dollar Tree locations, the company is also testing other price points.

If higher prices become the norm, Dollar Tree won’t necessarily be such a great deal. Additionally, there are some items that were never worth the $1 price tag in the first place, causing shoppers to overpay even though they thought they were getting a bargain. If you are wondering if there are still good deals at Dollar Tree for shoppers, here’s what you need to know.

Good Deals at Dollar Tree

If you want to experience maximum savings by shopping at Dollar Tree, then you need to focus on the right items. For example, office supplies, party supplies and greeting cards are usually a great deal, as even discount retail giants like Walmart and Amazon struggle to beat that price.

Surprisingly enough, pregnancy tests are a major bargain at Dollar Tree. Since the FDA regulates the tests, even low-cost versions have to meet minimum standards and live up to any claims they make. Reading glasses are also a bargain at these discount retail locations.

Certain food items can also be cheaper at Dollar Tree than other retail stores. Precisely which ones can vary by location, but it is worth comparing the prices against those of your area supermarkets to see if you can score a deal.

Cleaning supplies is another area where Dollar Store items can be much cheaper, along with certain housewares (like plates and drinking glasses) and seasonal decorations.

What Not to Buy at Dollar Tree

Just because you can buy something for a dollar doesn’t mean you are getting a great deal. For example, a four-pack of toilet paper may seem like a bargain. However, the packs you’ll find at Dollar Tree are of significantly lower quality, and many have as little as 150 sheets per roll. Considering that name-brand versions at other retailers usually feel better to use and come with about 1,000 sheets per roll, you’re better off spending more in most cases.

Canned goods are another point where Dollar Tree doesn’t always win. In a grocery store, you might be able to find similar products for 50 to 75 cents, beating the $1 cost substantially.

The quality of laundry detergent is also very subpar. While it might look like you are saving a bundle, the versions you’ll find in Dollar Tree are usually very less concentrated, giving them reduced cleaning power.

Avoid buying toys and electronics at Dollar Tree as well. While they might be inexpensive, you are making major quality sacrifices. The toys usually break quickly, and the small broken parts could be dangerous, particularly for young children who may put them in their mouths. Off-brand electronics chargers can actually harm battery life or, if the quality is bad enough, might be a fire hazard. The batteries you’ll find at these discount stores hold a lot less energy too, so they’ll die quickly. Plus, if they leak, your device may be ruined.

It is also best not to buy kitchen knives at Dollar Tree. While plates and drinking glasses might be a bargain, they usually aren’t put through the same kind of stress as knives. Often, the knives break or dull very quickly, and they may rust in a very short amount of time.

The same goes for tools like hammers and wrenches. When you buy those at Dollar Tree, the quality is typically poor. As a result, they may break after just a few uses. If a Dollar Tree clamp that is holding something above you snaps in use, then that item could come crashing down onto you, putting your safety at risk.

There Are Still Some Good Deals

Ultimately, Dollar Tree still has some good deals (suggesting they stick with the $1 pricing strategy). However, not all of the items are a bargain, and some could be dangerous, so make sure to think about potential risks before you hand over your hard-earned cash, even if it is just a buck.


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